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    How much room do you have when you come down to Dorset at Easter Mike, LOL.
  2. Same question. And where in Dorset if you don't mind me asking? I'm a lot closer to Dorset than Sunderland.
  3. Hmm. Difficult question. Will be travelling with five females of a certain age - they can fill up any space you care to give them. I certainly won't be bringing 30 power supplies down for anyone.

    Can we carry on conversations by PM, please? I want to keep the thread purely to list stuff that needs to go. There will be more! Watch this space.
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    lab coats. Probably about 50, in various states of distress. Many are stained but none have holes. If someone takes all of them, I will launder the lot.

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    Stroboscope, mains powered discharge tube, variable rate.

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    Laser. Mains powered G&G model from the 1960s, at least in design. Probably bought late 1980s. NO KEY, so will need replacement, switch replacing or bypassing. Can be demonstrated to be working.

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  8. Someone is travelling up from Lincolnshire to collect stuff, probably on Feb 5th. If transport is your issue and you are somewhere close to the route, let me know and I'll put you in touch with them.
  9. Much gone today. More will be listed as soon as I can get around to compiling a list. Watch this space.