Fourier Transform- Infra Red Spectroscopy

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  1. ADRENALIN.png These spectra may be of use to students for interpretation purposes.
    The other is L-Adrenaline
    ir ethyl acetate.png
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    Where's that from please?
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  3. Ethyl Ethanoate.:)
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    Thanks, George, I can't believe you gave the answer away so easily.......................:D
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  5. I had to 007 otherwise many (with the exception of yourself) would never have deduced the identity.:);)
  6. Here's one that the A2 Group did last week (Isoamyl Acetate). I could annotate it but this would spoil it for your students.:D

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  7. As promised here are the traces for Butylamine and trimethylamine. Note the differences for the Primary and Tertiary (aliphatic) Amine.

    n-butylamine.PNG triethylamine.PNG
  8. Myself:);)
  9. Just finished analysing the distillate our First Year BTEC did yesterday when they tried to obtain Limonene from Orange Peel. The sample , with a score of 0.93 (ou of 1.00) was the top match in the Instrument's Library.

    2-10 large2.PNG
  10. Just analysed the samples our Year 1 BTEC Applied Science students produced when attempting the synthesis of Ethyl Ethanoate. The results were excellent.:)
    060411-pic.PNG 060411-hit.PNG
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  11. Now show the bad one....
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    Some excellent results George
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  13. True 007. But I haven't shown you the two where the Sulfuric acid and/or the Ethanol weren't added.:D:D:D
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