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  1. Hello,

    Has anyone ran any forensic science activities?

    They need to be low budget.

    So far we have fingerprints and chromatography, we've done footprints before but it was very messy and don't fancy doing that again.

    Does anyone have any other forensic science activities they do?

    Thank you
  2. Flame tests on a mystery white powder?
  3. Hairs/fibres to look at with a microscope
  4. We thought about doing that, how did it work for you?
  5. Soil analysis (using pH to identify which area the sample came from..)
    Presumably could identify if water in lungs is sea, fresh or pool water (unless too gruesome..?
    Microscopy of threads (cotton v polyester etc.)
  6. We planted a distinctive fibre and then had a selection of other fibres from other sources to narrow it down to. I think we had hairs from pets, members of staff, and natural and synthetic clothing.
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  7. Working out the angle dried drops of blood landed on a surface.
  8. karen b

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    Or the height the blood drop fell from. Needs a bit of setting up, but works well.

    We do footprints in play dough in a tray, fingerprinting, chromatography, flame testing soil samples, pH testing pond water found on the floor (and looking at the water under a microscope), and tool marks in the window frame
  9. We do CSI in science our activities are food tests, finger prints and chromatography and we link it to a discovery crest award
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  10. If there are any clay pigeon shoots, rifle clubs, friendly farmers nearby, can ask for spent cartridges/casing then compare firing pin and extractor mark to see if they came out the same gun.
  11. We've identified "stomach contents" using the food tests to match to foods found in the victim's fridge.
    We also did chromatography of inks to identify the pen used to write a death threat - death threat note was also torn up for the students to put back together.
    I'm currently researching a really simple assay/quant for paracetamol that can be done on a basic spectrophotometer - although it does require a calibration curve.
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  12. DMS


    We also do blood group testing using milk and vinegar ( or lemon juice). The blood is milk with red food colouring and the anti sera is either water or vinegar/lemon juice - depending on which sample you want a positive reaction with. We do the reaction on spotting tiles and identify A, B, O and AB groups. A positive reaction shows clumping (curdling of the milk) and I think it works really well. I used to work in NHS Pathology haematology and transfusion and it looks pretty realistic to me.
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    Forgot to add that we also do the Rhesus factor too.
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    I love this idea, do you have a sheet or is it as wonderfully straightforward as it sounds?
  15. Have a look at this document
    Seems like the same thing from a workshop a colleague of mine went to

    Obviously you can change which of the anti-coagulants are vinegar depending on which type you want it to be

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    It is. See the document cited by CovTech. We test not only for A and B groups but also do Rhesus positive or negative. We therefore have 3 wells to test, one for A , one for B and one for Rhesus. Therefore for A Pos you would get coagulation with well A and Rhesus well but neg for well B. ONeg is obviously neg for both A and B and Rhesus. Your anti sera is vinegar for the wells you want to be positive. We use dropping bottles but pipettes can be used.
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  17. I'm being a bit thick I know but can you explain how you manage this please. I'm just not getting my head around it, I should be but it's not happening.


    Please ignore the above. I have been a complete numpty! I've got my head around it now. I blame it on being tired and cross from my day at work, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!:).
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    I've just attached our work sheet and a set of results for you, just to clarify things.

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  20. Yup did this & 'bullet' hole at an angle & shone light through it to see where it came from/angle etc.