Forensic Psychology/ Criminology/ Forensics For Dummies books FREE

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  1. Hi all,

    we no longer teach the Forensic science BTEC at our sixth form.

    Would anyone like some free copies of the Forensic Psychology/ Criminology/ Forensics For Dummies books?

    There are 9 of each at this time.

    Collection from Dane road Coventry only unless you're willing to pay to have them shipped.

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  2. Can you give an estimate of the shipping cost to Sunderland? Alternatively, is there anything you are particularly seeking? I have quite a bit of excess stock.
  3. An estimate for all the books?
  4. If Mike doesn't want all of them, can you look at how much postage to Gravesend in kent would cost for 1 set of books please?
  5. According to Parcel compare

    For one set of the books it will cost
    £6.49 to collect from local shop next day
    £13.67 to your school next day
    £11.52 to your school 3-4 days delivery

    Hope this helps

  6. Is this Duckling country?:p
  7. Nope, but there is a great all you can eat 10 mins walk from school! But then again ASDA is also 10 mins from school and I can get more duck there, its not as good as the all you can eat but it is good.

    Cool thanks for that Mudge, I shall see if the HoD wants a set.
  8. Thanks. I'll see how to send payment for a set.
  9. Hi,

    Are there any books still available please?
    I live in Coventry so should be able to pick up.
  10. The books are still available.

    Just so people are aware I'm leaving my position here soon so it's going to be first come first served.
  11. Hi

    great thanks, can we arrange collection please? im not sure how to pm you on here?!
  12. So you're selling everything? Smart move! :p:D

    Click on their name and then click on 'Start a conversation'. You'll need to give it a title or it won't let you create the message.
  13. Thank you, i managed to work it out eventually lol