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  1. How do you heat the Benedict's on a dimple tray or does it work without heat?
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  2. most of that is due to the double cream 'sauce' the curds are in so no need to pulverise it .
  3. An intelligent question Peter. Simply and to a test Tube, warm and add to the well of the tray. An important advantage of this method is that students can rapidly see at a glance what is in each foodstuff and is Tech friendly (no mess or trying to scrape food out of tubes). :D:D:D
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  4. We have tried to push the dimple tray method...teachers very resistant to it.
  5. Hide most of the test tubes and boiling tubes and put out dimple trays
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  6. Already been done several years ago Peter.:p:p
  7. :D:D:D:D Honest to God, some of you need to work here for a while...
  8. Start slowly, with new members of staff. "This is the way we do that here...." etc.
  9. Yes some of the new staff are great...we have too many long standing members that are also management/ senior staff in science :(
    Also it depends who their mentor is... mentors can ruin 'em!
  10. JFKtech

    JFKtech and then there were two - now JFK Techs :)

    It's working for us now too - I opened a new bottle of biuret ! I guess the old one had gone off (although it was from a certain infamous supplier with the initials S M, so there's a good chance it never worked and nobody had bothered to tell me before)
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  11. I have found the NaOH/KOH in the prepared stuff goes off, adding some more makes it work.
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  12. Never buy in Biuret reagent - always make it yourself. another advantage of the Quantitative Biuret is that it won't go off as it is stabilised by the Tartrate.:);)