Flask adaptors for filter funnels

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  1. Morning,
    I am looking to get flask adaptors for filter funnels that will fit 100 ml Buchner flasks. I can only find a pack of various sizes but not individually.

    Has any of you had a luck finding a pack of one size?
    Any help on that will be much appreciated.
  2. Seth Whitby

    Seth Whitby the_eco_dude

    We had to find a set recently for our 250ml flasks, and we ended up buying from Breckland.
    Not sure if they'll have the right size for you, but they have a few different sizes of cones in packs of 10, as do SLS, and Better Equipped also seem to have them now, and are the only one that let you buy them one by one as well.
    Hope that helps :)
  3. Thanks Seth, Thats a great help! :)
  4. We have 100ml flasks and small funnels. I bought a pack of universal fitting cones but can't remember where from. I'm at home now but will look it up tomorrow.

    At my previous school we had a bit of a mish-mash of sizes - flasks, funnels and cones - and it was a bit of a job getting them matched. This is the reason I bought the universal ones.
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  5. That will be great! thanks. So far I have tried Better Equipped and they have cones that will work with 100ml flasks. Their customer support was great in helping me find the right size! Universal ones sound great for other odd size flasks that we have here, Thanks
  6. Really sorry Chem-wiz I forgot to look. Despite being busy I'm not going to blame it on that, I have to put it down to far too many trips around the sun;).

    I've sent myself an email to work to remind me to look tomorrow.
  7. No problem at all, thanks :)
  8. That is great! Yes its no so fun trying to make one set where every thing will just fit together! ;)
    Thank you so much :)