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  1. I can't find a thread for this so....

    I'm being pressurised to become a trained First Aider, as is my assistant (by the new head teacher). I will not do it, I've been there before, never again. My HOD is on my side, I'll email my union when I get home, & I've found the CLEAPSS stuff.

    Can anyone give me any more ammo to fight them with?
  2. What is their reason for you 2 becoming first aiders?

    They cannot legally force you guys to under go training at my current school given that at my old school I was their go to first aider and no one listened when I kicked up a stink over it.

    Here on the other hand I was told that all support staff will be becoming first aiders and even though I kicked up a fuss over it I did the training. And I have been a first aider here now for 4 months and I have been called on once by reception as they had no one else to check on a girl and it was literally just after care after an asthma attack and all I had to do is go and see her and ask if she was ok :D

    But I don't blame you for saying no, union is the best ammo to fight them with in this situation.
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    Nature of the job ref health and safety

    Imagine being in the middle of diluting concentrated acid and someone comes rushing into the prep room demanding they require your immediate attention. They have a more serious accident on their hands as you are made to jump and drop the concentrated acid on the floor. I am sure there are many more scenarios
  4. I couldn't use that one when they asked me, they already knew I cant be startled when the whole floor heard me bellow at a child who barged into the prep room and I hadn't even looked up from what I was doing.

    But then again I always hear one of the 3 doors that leads to the little area the prep room leads off from.
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    Use same argument but stating that you would need to scrub up before helping as you did not want to contaminate the injured person with possible toxic chemicals. This would mean you would not be able to help immediately therefore causing potential life threatening delays. All office staff should be first aid trained, as they can leave a computer immediately without causing any problems.
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  6. I am trained and it hasn't actually changed my role much, but I'm not on the school's first aid rota. I'm down as a department first aider for science only (which makes sense as I was the person people sent pupils to if they'd hurt themselves during a practical before I had the certificate anyway).

    In practice, I get called down on occasion when they can't find anyone else because I have a phone they can get hold of me on, so I'm logistically easier to find than other first aiders.

    Everyone knows that's a last resort if the person on rota's MIA and that keeping things in science safe comes first (so I might be delayed while I make things safe), though.

    Only staff can barge into the prep room unexpectedly because we have a code on the door and that can and does happen for any number of (usually frivolous) reasons lol.
  7. I think the only reason is that we have a new Head Teacher, and she is just trying to fill in gaps (we don't have many first aiders throughout the school). My assistant has already told her that she doesn't want the responsibility, so head's bright idea is that we are both one!! Sharing the responsibility!! I was one a few years ago, but the lack of support from the other first aiders around the school - i.e. they didn't want to do it because they were too busy (!!!), and the idiocy of the staff around the school generally - I had kids sent to me all the way from the main building where the first aid room was, from PE (yes, all the PE staff are first aid trained, but sometimes they were too busy watching a football match on their laptops), kids sent to me with tummy ache (!), headache (!), feel sick (!) paper cut (!) gnat bite (!!!!! HOD of science this one!!!!!!!) means I will never do it again, even if they paid me, which they won't, I asked.
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  8. Precisely!
  9. I know that pain.

    I was once called out of the prep room, having to leave what I was prepping my a first aider, who then took me to a child sat who was sat next to another first aider, and the child had a head ache to which I then replied drink lots of water and it should help but as you are in a lab you will either have to wait till the end of the lesson or step outside.
  10. !!!!!!!:eek::eek::mad::mad:!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will never get used to idiots, there just seems to be more of them nowadays (or is it just me?)
  11. Nope it seems to be a thing about idiots hiring idiots
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  12. Unfortunately not, I'm a big advocate for being a first aider, sorry :rolleyes:
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  13. I have no beef with it as a job that needs to be done, but not for me, certainly not forced into it. We are all trained in Immediate Remedial Response, but unfortunately a lot of the time non-scientists think science lessons are so dangerous we need to be on high alert and ready to preserve life every second of the day
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    It sounds to me as though it depends on the attitude of your school. We are all trained first aiders but have never had to do anything outside of science.
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  15. I totally agree I think that everyone should offer their services and put the health of others before themselves. For example this week there was a major incident (a Stroke). First Aiders can and do make a difference in the Workplace.:);)
  16. Some of us cant apply ourselves to first aid due to a variety of reason, fear of blood, past trauma and so on. Its not for everybody George but should an individual desire to be a first aider there are courses out of work also, no need to wait for employer to train!
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  17. Three little words to this "NO, NO, NO".

    In all my years of being a science technician, the two courses i was advised never to go on/do was the first aid course and the PAT testing course.

    To quote Dr. Mcoy "I'm a science technician Jim, not a nurse!"
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  18. Most of the first aid course is CPR and defibrillators, which are really only going to be of use with older people ie teachers.
  19. I'm all for first aiders, I've been there, done it - don't do it now. However, once again, why should this be added to our already burgeoning list of tasks? Understanding remedial procedures - I've no beef with that, but when it comes down to accidents in science - they are most likely to be in the classroom. The nature of our work means we could be in the prep room, chemistry cupboard... store - on occasion we could be anywhere in the department/school. It makes more sense to me to have all teachers trained in first aid, they are in the lesson.
  20. Not true at all Paul, we have at least a couple of kids with heart problems that come with a possibility of an arrest (not had to deal with one yet thank goodness).
    Also a relatively young member of staff had a heart attack in front of a group of year 7s just a few years ago (shortly before I came to the school) and sadly passed away. Knowing how to do CPR and use a defib is by no means only useful to the old.