First aid kits in labs

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  1. Hi All, have just been asked to do an audit of the first aid kits we have in each lab. We can't give out anything from it, only the first aiders can, so do we need the kits in each lab? Just wanted to know what you guys had in place. Thanks
  2. karen b

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    Until recently we had first aid kits in all our labs. Most of our teachers have some form of first aid certificate anyway.

    However we were advised by CLEAPSS to remove them from the labs and keep one central kit in our prep room.
  3. That's up to your First aid risk assessment

    They should be "easily accessible for first aiders in an emergency" so it boils down to whatever that means to you at your place
    If your risk assessor is mental they might say one per lab but for me that's massive overkill, would be a nightmare for the lead first aider to audit and leaves them too open to abuse from the students

    One in each prep room plus a portable within arms reach of the first aiders would be plenty
  4. That has always been our policy. I have never come across First Aid kits in Labs before.:)
  5. We have one in each lab. I don't know whether that's necessary or overkill, it's above my pay grade. :)

    The nurses are responsible for auditing them, etc.
  6. Paul Murphy

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    We have kits in all labs. Teachers have a basic knowledge of first aid and they are updated each year. First aiders are not the only ones who can use a first aid kit. If a small cut needs a plaster then anyone can put one on provided it does not make the situation worse. Anything more serious needs a first aider. Please let's get real, if you would put a plaster on yourself or one of your own children then why not one of the pupils?
  7. One in each prep room, (so 1 per floor with 1 prep room & 3 labs)
  8. Techitude

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    We have one in each lab with basics in (plasters, mediwipes, sick bags and eye wash), this prevent the teachers having to send the students to the prep room for trivial things. The teacher have also be trained in IRM.
  9. Paul Murphy

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    I wish.....we still get pupils coming to the prep room for the most trivial of things including plasters that are in the lab first aid kits.
  10. We just have one in the prep room and it's no hassle as I rarely get asked for plasters etc.
  11. One in the prep room. I'm the department first aider so I need to be there anyway, might as well grab the kit as I go.
  12. Our can never remember why or the teachers name.
  13. Did they say why to remove them as I was going to be a lazy sod and spend some of the budget on outfitting each lab with a small kit for me to use as a quick response with the main kit down in the science off. I moved it out of the prep room last year :p
  14. We have first aid kits in each lab and the nurses are responsible for making sure they are stocked and in date
  15. We have ours in the prep room, we're both first aid trained so this makes sense.
  16. In the prep rooms, only thing in labs is emergency eye wash.