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    greenfingers Sarah G

    I am tidying the Chemical store at the moment there are bottles of Fehlings solution 1 & 2 from 1985 !
    How do I dispose of them never used them in the 18 years I have been here TIA
  2. Hi Sarah, the Fehlings A (or 1) should be a blue solution of copper sulfate (usually 7g --> 100ml of water) so that can be diluted sufficiently and poured down a foul water drain (Hazcard 27c). The Fehlings B (or 2) is usually a mix of sodium hydroxide (Hazcard 91a) and potassium sodium tartrate (Hazcard 36c) so I'd follow the W5 disposal instructions and dilute it down with some water and then neutralise it with 1M ethanoic acid (in a fume hood just in case) until its just acidic. You can then pour it down a foul water drain. Hope that helps :)
  3. greenfingers

    greenfingers Sarah G

    Thank you very much :)