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  1. As I've mentioned in another thread, we've just completed our move to a new school build (have made a start on the unpacking, but that's another story). Am alone in my now empty old Prep Room in readiness for the Chemical Waste disposal people to arrive at 8.30. I've worked here for 23 years and was a pupil here doing A-Level Sciences so this building has been part of my life for many years. I've taken some photos and having a little cry. Am so upset, thinking about all the things that have happened over the years, people I've worked with and pupils we've supported. Sorry, just wanted to share that with those of you who are still left.
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  2. Hope you make as many good memories in your new prep area :)
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  3. Change is always hard, I felt the same when they renovated the science dept here. Everything that was familiar was gone, but having now been in my new preproom for a couple of years I absolutely love it. Make the new place your own and make more good memories :)
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  4. You can't beat good memories.

    Enjoy your new space. :)
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  5. Could be worse. Every location I've ever worked, including my present employer's buildings and centres, has been shut down and demolished. Either I'm a Jonah or someone _really_ wants to obliterate every sign of my passing.
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  6. greenfingers

    greenfingers Sarah G

    As said in past replies make it your own and have a little cry for the past, then big smile and move on good luck :)
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  7. Thank you all for your kind responses, feeling much better now. We’ve spent four days unpacking and our new Prep Room is starting to take shape. On holiday now (the joys of being TTO). Going to have a nice long rest ready for a fresh start in September! :)
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  8. Is it a joy to be TTO Tanya? I just wouldn't like it but I think in time that all technicians and Teachers may be going down this route. Have a brilliant Summer Tanya.:D:D