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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a small poster to put with our eye wash kits and tubing with some very brief instructions - mainly that irrigation has to be continuous for 10 mins. We're all first aid trained and everyone should know what to do, but I'd like a reminder there just in case!

    Anyway, could anyone point me in the direction of one as Google isn't yielding anything particularly helpful?

    Many thanks
  2. karen b

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    Are you a member of Cleapss? We have copies of their Emergency Cards in every lab. This has basic responses to most situations likely to be encountered in a science lab
  3. Yes we are. I was after something just for eyes - but I think I'll put these up anyway to cover all eventualities!
  4. I made these to put in the bag with the tube.

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  5. That's perfect! Thank you so much. :D
  6. Thanks for that Paul, I am going get these printed and do the same as you have.
  7. Brill. Me too!
  8. Me three!
  9. Ooh, these are great! I'm going to steal these too. Many thanks Paul. :D
  10. These are fantastic, I'll add them to my ever-extending 'to do' list! Thanks Paul :)
  11. We have the little hand held shower type things in each lab. I'm going to join the queue and steal these to stick on the benches next to them, slight modification needed but essentially the same.

    Thanks for sharing.
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  12. Borrowed these, thanks Paul you're a star!