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  1. Hi
    I have been looking at DLH7 - Risk assessment for chemical storage' from CLEAPSS.

    The risk assessment states 'conditions in the chemical store- clean vents and check the rate of air extraction regularly (at least once per year and possibly more frequently)

    In the whole time I have been here (many years) we have never done this or had anyone check the air extraction by the fan in the chemical store. Does this happen in your school?
  2. We have never had a check, basically because we never had any extraction! However, our chem tech was made redundant, so the chemical store contents became my responsibility. After feeling sick whilst working in there, I looked up the legislation. There should be 2 full changes of air in the room per hour... (see GL308), it's taken a few month of waiting but extraction will be fitted during the summer break. If your extraction is dirty, it may mean the air quality is compromised, so I would request this is checked.
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    The extraction in our chem prep and store is amazing, it was upgraded a few years ago has a dedicated fan unit on the wall outside and ducted ventilation from all key points in the preproom. It is maintained and tested by the guys who do the fume cupboards.
  4. ventilation in the prep rooms? we have an extractor fan on one of the windows but we rarely use it because it is so noisy. GL308 says that in chemistry preparatory rooms, ventilation at the minimum exhaust rate should be continous during working hours. Does this mean that in prep rooms for chemistry there should be an extraction system? is this a requirement or a recommendation? any other schools with ventilation systems?
  5. We have it checked with the LEV fume cupboards.
  6. As a point of curiosity, how does one go about checking the rate of air change? Or do you get this done by Site, or a contractor? Our passive ventillation is pretty good in our new chem store, but I don't have actual numbers to back up this assessment (active venting is controlled by motion sensor, which I don't like but live with).
  7. they used an air flow meter for ours, my report says

  8. seems to be vol m3/hr divided room volume
  9. I think someone mentioned that it should be checked with the fume cupboards.

    As we didn't have any extraction, the initial check was carried out by a contractor, I imagine future checks will be added to whoever carries out our fume cupboard checks, or at least I'll be requesting it... :D
  10. Our preproom has mechanical extraction, (needs 5airchanges as used constantly), the chem store has a vent in the door and an open window, so uses the preproom extraction to get the airchanges. Not monitored regularly, but you can feel the draw through the vent (and cold air looks cool with the IR camera!)
    Having said that, we had to fight just to get the vent, which was added after no ventilation put in a new build chem store...