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  1. I've had a quick look through the previous threads on this topic but couldn't quite find what I was after.

    It looks like our department is moving towards the hole-punched a4+ exercise books.

    I was wondering where everyone gets their exercise books from. Currently we use orange for chem, green for bio and purple for physics.

    Having difficulty finding orange books from the usual suppliers (YPO, ESPO etc.) so any weird and wonderful suppliers welcome.

    People who use the hole-punched system does it decrease the number of books and glue sticks you go through significantly? Trying to judge how much to order.
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  3. We have a large hole punch which does several books at a time, so they're bought in and 'punched' on the premises... (this year as I'm on my own... it won't be me doing the 'punching!') The teachers don't seem to go through many more glue sticks, but they do go through a lot of treasury tags. It didn't decrease the number of books we had to buy.
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  4. Shannon

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    We use orange exercise books for KS3 and they are the A4+ with lined and squared. We use ESPO
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  5. We get ours from Consortium education Supplies. We use the A4 books, but they're not hole punched so we have to do that ourselves when they come in. A heck of a job as we use 4 different colours of books and buy around 20-25 boxes of each colour.
    Using treasury tags has cut down the use of glue sticks so much that we don't actually buy glue sticks anymore, everything is hole punched and goes in their books with tags.
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  6. Espo - we order orange books for year 7 and 8 and hole-punch them ourselves if required.
  7. These look great! Thanks so much, going to wave it in front of the HOD and see if I can get him to commit on numbers.
  8. We go through a lot of glue and I have previously suggested this idea but I was told it wouldn't work. Maybe I misunderstood and explained it wrong as I was told the students would loose any sheets not glued in. Am I correct in thinking the exercise book is punched, 2 treasury tags are added, the student writes in the book as normal and when they get a hand out, they 'un-do' the treasury tag from the back of the book and add the page and then re-insert the treasury tag through the remaining pages of the book? It seems simple to me - but I must be missing something. We go through hundreds of glue sticks - all that plastic thrown away.
    Any ideas on how to try and re-sell this idea? Thanks.
  9. I have asked department about this and they are loathe to do it saying it is far too much work for them & kids won't be able to do it (?!)
    The fact that it would save money on glues & books seems neither here nor there. Easy come easy go I suppose.
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  10. That's exactly what we do and the kids seem to be able to cope with it. We hole punch all the books (we have a hooooooge heavy duty punch!) and put in 2 treasury tags. It's a nice mindless job during the quieter periods. :) Plus we rarely have to top up the glue sticks.
  11. True,surprisingly few stationers for schools.
  12. Huh? They are A4, that's what we have, also do orange as that is what another dept have
  13. We decided against the A4+ books, we trialled it last year with our applied students and the books fell apart quicker as they were bigger than most of their bags.
  14. a4+ are a little bigger than the standard a4 sizing. The HOD thinks it will look neater as there is less chance that the worksheets will stick out the side of the books and look ragged.
  15. Thats what I think will happen but the HOD is determined so we will see what happens!
  16. what sort of box do they come in tall thin that tend to not stack well or a3 slabs like GLS.