Europe inspired experiments for Open Day !?

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  1. Hi learned collective

    Our school Open Day theme is Europe....Any inspired ideas on BIO/PHYS/CHEM experiments that reflect this theme....? I may perform the non-burning note some Euros in Chemistry, and do a flag inspired density stack but don't have any other ideas....
  2. food tests with foods from around europe?
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  3. karen b

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    There's something in the back of my head about washing some white cloth in different chemicals and making a French flag...
  4. Pepper's Ghost with a model Eiffel tower or Dutch windmill or something
    Challenge people to build a model Øresund Bridge out of cardboard and string (or any other bridge you fancy but you may as well aim high! Or long...)
    Get the CERN particle quiz up and ask people to write down their answers on a post-it note to see what sort of "particles" your audience is made up of:
    Fibre-optic transmission between two "countries"
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  5. Just be careful about doing anything political or that may be interpreted as such, especially with Brexit looming. Trust me, I am saving you a lot of potential hassle here as there will be that one parent who will just happen to get "offended" and that's the last thing you need.

    Maybe I am being over cautious but I would play it safe and neutral (Any Swiss experiments? :p) because nowadays so many people look for excuses to be offended.
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  6. I see your thoughts and take them onboard - I think the Europe theme may raise all sorts of comments given its timing.....o_O but be rest assured, the notes will be fake and fair, a smattering of national currencies, and as I usually go for the highest denominations feasible, people get the gist of the joke.;)
  7. How intriguing....I wait to hear your thoughts....
  8. Don't say I didn't warn you ;)
  9. Techitude

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    What, you mean she can't do making slime polymers to show how the monomers are stronger when they're united together? ;)
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  10. I am offended that you would refer to countries as simply "monomers"
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  11. :D
  12. So true Emil.:D
  13. Not making Tricolore in test tube?
  14. Could make tricolore salad and do food testing on the mozzarella and tomato. Leaf starch test the basil?
  15. Problem with that is most of the european flags are all vertical stripes and density columns like that make horizontal ones :(

    Tricalore in a test tube would be the Yugoslavian flag.... ;)
  16. karen b

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    I saw this at a British Association for the Advancement of Science conference years ago.

    I think an experiment I've found in Chemical Magic by Leonard A Ford is a similar thing. He calls it Red and Blue Cloth.

    Twenty grams ferric chloride; five grams potassium thiocyanate; ten grams potassium ferrocyanide; three beakers; water

    prepare three solutions by dissolving each different chemical in 100ml water in separate 400ml beakers. Moisten the cloth in the ferric chloride before the performance.

    Dip the cloth into the potassium thiocyanate solution and it goes red. when you put it in the potassium ferrocyanide solution it turns dark blue.

    The version I saw put the cloth (three pieces stitched together I think) into one or two solutions to get the tricolor effect. Maybe the outer pieces were soaked in the two potassium compounds, and then the whole thing put in the ferric chloride solution.
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  17. I am already going ooh, and aahhh.....will investigate further....thanks :)
  18. Neutral Swiss experiments, food tests using chocolate and cheeses! :p

    You could also highlight some of the many scientific advances came from Europe, and find out if any of the experiments you normally run were invented/discovered by a European.

    Examples include:

    Biology - Gregor Mendel, born in Czechia (well it was the Austrian empire at the time): grandfather of modern day genetics. Loads you can do with that.

    Chemistry - Titrations developed in France, the word 'titre' was used as a verb 'to determine the concentration of a substance in a given sample'. Burettes and pipettes are also French inventions (François-Antoine-Henri Descroizilles and Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, respectively).

    Physics - Renewable energy is being pioneered by countries like the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany and a lot of the funding for UK renewable research and set up is from EU grants.

    I know these are more just 'fun facts' rather than specifically Europe themed experiments but it means you can link nearly any fun open night experiment to something European lol
  19. Lol, just saw it and though 'ooh' didn't go into it.
    'fun facts' above, made me laugh. What we techies think of as fun facts, usually make your average person look at you like you are a bit odd and say a long 'ooooookkkkkay'.:p
  20. Now that I like.
    Along with the chocolate & swiss cheese suggestion.