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  1. Does anyone here also have a problem with this practical? If I set up as per protocol, the starch breaks down so quickly their/my first reading/iodine test already has gone? I am pretesting it before this afternoon, but I may have to serially dilute the enzyme or something.. Seem to remember similar problem last time. What am I doing wrong?
    ps only trialling with pH6 as should be the fastest..
  2. how often are you testing the soln - we do every 15 seconds...if it goes quicker than that you will need to dilute the enzyme down - enzyme activities seem to be extremely variable...hope it works for you
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  3. I've just diluted down the enzyme from 1% to 0.1% and it works perfectly - maybe I just misread it?!
  4. 2 of our teachers have trilled it and mentioned the same problem.
    Done this with 1%amylase.
    Will suggest Claire's idea of diluting the enzyme.
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  5. You are right to trial the enzyme (Is it Diastase?) at it's pH optima. You need to dilute the enzyme to say 0.1% w/v and the starch to 1-2%w/v. I've followed this by continuous colorimetry and had excellent results. In fact the rate was remarkably constant.:)

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