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  1. Hi All,

    What does everyone do with their empty chemical bottles?
    I am working at an overseas school where they have previously dumped everything in a cupboard and when it is full, get someone in to take it away.
    I'm sure there is a better way round this as the company charges per kilo.
    If I can't get the suppliers to take them back and recycle them, is washing them out (if non-toxic etc) and putting them into the waste bin ok?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Obvs depends on the chemical but yes, in the circumstances you've described (a nice non-toxic soluble chemical) I wash mine out thoroughly, cross off or remove the label and either bin them or (more often) re-use them for something else.
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  3. That's what I do as well, no point throwing them if they can be reused. I have 3 25L bottles that our distilled water get delivered in just at waiting for the perfect use.
  4. greenfingers

    greenfingers Sarah G

    Wash and recycle
  5. Wash and recycle about 95% of them , never bin any ....:D:D
  6. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    We reuse them if I can clean them well... rinse out with running water... wipe the outside, rinse the lid then remove lable.. done.

    I use mine most for waste holders.. until the time has come for it all to go.
  7. I wash and reuse the sturdy ones, and I keep a good supply of empties in different sizes just in case as they are really useful as containers. The surplus are washed and placed in the recycling bins.
  8. I was and recycle what I can.
  9. We wash them and re-use if possible. You never know when a container could come in useful.
  10. wash and reuse too
  11. Thanks everyone!
    We already have a cupboard full of empty bottles so I'm going to put them in the recycling bin and believe that they actually get recycled :)