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  1. Penny

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    Technicians often get asked to pick a few bits up on their way to work. I remember once having to buy ten packets of Rennies and five 1 litre bottles of bleach.... which got some funny looks at the checkout. A colleague of mine recently went to boots to buy copious amounts of condoms (for sex-ed) and several jars of vaseline (for gas jars) :confused:

    What's the worse combination of items you've had to buy?
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  2. I don't do the shopping but I do get a laugh at the senior (male) pupil that chooses to do an investigation into the inhibition of growth of yeast and has to go out himself some vagisil. :D
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  3. Torylou

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    not sure about combinations but we had a student doing an HND project last year ( I work in a college) and she needed some methylcellulose - which is sold in the chemists as celevac - a cure for diarrhea and constipation! that was a fun conversation as it had to be ordered and we had to discuss quantities!
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  4. I do all the shopping and once got pregnancy tests, lemons, cotton wool buds, yoghurt, beet root, indigestion pills, crisps, cereal, coke, Mentos and about a million chicken wings!!! The look on checkout lady's face was priceless! What party did SHE think I was going to?
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  5. 6 different types of toilet roll (4pks), got a very strange look from the cashier.
    I just said I worked in a school and she just smiled:confused:
  6. ah, yes. 12 kiwis, 12 limes, 12 lemons, 12 oranges, 1 pineapple (fruit battery). Went in the labcoat, put it on the conveyer. Got to the front.."damn it, forgot the gin"..got a laugh from the cashier.

    Or possibly the nail polish...quote from the security guard "Not really your colour.."..responded with "I like the labcoat, it reminds me of the dress I wear on weekends.."..priceless.

    I have a good relationship with the store staff where I shop, it tends to be along the lines of "oh god, it's you..what do you want?".
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  7. Dr.Roo

    Dr.Roo Still enjoying dressing in dresses.

    Well sorry, but I can't leave that hanging, that's exactly what I do do, but the lab coat certainly isn't anything like the dress I wear, really.
    I'm not that self conscious about it either.

    I'm far classier than that, sweetie.
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  8. The worst purchases I had to make was 20 packets of matches, 4L methylated spirit during the 12 year drought, just after the bushfires in Australia. told the cashier I was a pyro maniac...............
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  9. Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy COMMITTEE

    We need to cover the bottom of the lung model with a rubber "diaphragm" as the old rubber had perished.
    Buying it from suppliers was expensive as we only needed a 20cm x 20cm square.
    My colleague said she would search the internet to get some. Anyway she purchased a rather large piece at a good price but was shocked to find it came from a fetish website. Its a good job we have a small "slush fund" that can be used in "emergencies"
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  10. I usually buy a silicon swim cap from the local pool cost about $3 it lasts for 12 months then I get a new one.
  11. paul r

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    previous postings brought a smile to my face

    buying tights for the gut wrenching practical, I told the cashier i was a bank robber !
  12. That's exactly what we did.....some lovely colours available !!
  13. My old head of department decided to do a practical to test the strength of materials. Rather than the 'boring' carrier bag experiment he decided that they would test the strength of different varieties of condoms. Apparently there were some very strange looks in the supermarket!

    On the plus side it was quite an interesting experiment, we used small pieces of drainpipe to create a collar, clamped the collar then attached them to the school railings. The students than measured the amount of water they would hold before breaking.
  14. Had to get tampons once for the hod to demonstrate menstrual flow to year 7's.Had to make up two beakers of red dye and two tampons-you can guess the rest:oops::oops::oops::oops:. Suffice to say he was the only one to do it, the rest of the team wimped out!!
  15. Ben_SLT

    Ben_SLT Science Learning Tech, not Senior Leadership ;)

    Always good when you walk in to the pharmacy and ask "how much aspirin can I bulk buy in one go? I'm not a druggy I swear"
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  16. I also love seeing the expression on the face of the finance person when I submit my form. This week I claimed for aspirin, potatoes, gelatin and nail varnish. :confused:
  17. Mine dont give me funny looks, they just go "Oh its James asking for money back. Lets not ask what things are for!"
  18. nappies, tried Tenna but wrong type of absorbant material. Just cleaned out Aldi buying 105 lemons, anyone for a G & T?
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  19. Elizabeth Gould

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    I always feel super self-conscious when I have to buy cigarettes for the smoking machine demo. I want to tell them that they're not for me! Especially as I always ask for "ten of the cheapest you've got" :p
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  20. Elizabeth, Elizabeth. At my previous 11-18 school we always used confiscated cigarettes (just ask the pastoral team or those who empty the lockers for any they find/have/confiscated) for the smoking demo. Plus it eased my conscience by not giving any money to the 'peddlers of death'
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