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  1. Hi all,

    Regarding the Electrical Appliances Safety Test, how often must take place and which are the most frequent issues which cause the test failure.

  2. Frequency depends on use. Most stuff can be given a one year frequency if it is used once or twice a year. Things like power supplies should be more frequent but I don't know anyone who does. Stuff like desktop computers that are not disturbed from one year to the next could have longer tickets.

    All of the above is predicated on all mains powered equipment being given a serious visual inspection before use by the technician, teacher and student......

    Even allowing for the above, the most common fail fault here is damage to the power cable. Second is poor earth - we have had a few recently that appear to be failing that due to deterioration of the conducting part of the cable.
  3. A question that is impossible to answer in any detail. Everything is dependant on your local working environment. Your H&S dept will advise.
  4. The electrical appliances that are only battery powered have to be included as well?
  5. No, Only an item with a mains plug
  6. And what about the ac/dc adaptors?

    Safety tests on them as well?
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    these are Class II, CLEAPSS have advised visual inspection is sufficient, as they are the H&S advisers to our employers we now just do visual inspections on Class II
  8. and anything plastic like a laptop power supply.

    there does not seem to be any regulations on labelling.
  9. So if it has earth wire it is Class I ?
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  11. Dod


    Earth wire = Class 1
    And if it is a removable lead with 3 cores attached to a Class 2 appliance the lead is still Class 1
  12. I accidentally found this on the web


    Well the CLEAPSS G242 document doesn't have a symbol for Class 1 appliances, it has only for Class 2 the same with this here,

    Any comments on this?

    And a second query, if for example I want to check appliances like the microscopes, do I have to check only the adaptor ? (Class II)

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    Only if the microscope works on Extra Low Voltage ( ELV ) normally accepted as below 50 volts

    https://www.iso.org/obp/ui#iec:grs:60417:6092 gives the new symbol of Class 2 with earth.

    Contact your PAT Test machine manufacturer for more information on how to carry out testing on these appliances
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  14. Usually you will assume an item is class 1 unless stated otherwise
  15. Thank you both!
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    Have you been trained to do the PAT testing? If you have not then you should be trained before doing it, otherwise it seems likely you will not be conforming with the H&S policy for your school.

    Although PAT testing is not a legal requirement it is how your employers can prove that they took all possible steps to ensure that equipment is safe to use. If you are not trained then they will not be able to claim that and those responsible may not actually know you have not been trained.
  17. Or be a competent person as required by the code of practice.

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    Don't get me going on PAT training :mad:

    I was doing tests on domestic appliances for 26 years after I had repaired them then someone invented PAT tests and I found out that it was what I had been doing all those years.

    Got a job in a skool and they wouldn't let me do the PAT testing cos I hadn't done the council training course - said I wasn't competent so went on the course which consisted of a college lecturer reading from the " regulations" and was immediately classed as competent, - then I started on skool equipment and discovered that my predecessor just passed everything regardless.

    Upset some people when I cut leads off stuff still being used with fail stickers on :D
  19. The caretaker does this, not me, I just make an excel file (data base) with all the electrical equipment and keep the safety tests records.
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    Most PAT Test machines of my acquaintance record results automatically and can generate lists for record keeping