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    Increasingly I've got fed up with Amazon/Google etc (don't do F'book/twitter so can't comment on them) - only use Amazon if I can't source elsewhere (will pay more to support UK stores*) I've also swapped to Ecosia as my main search engine both at home & work. 'Tis a German company (unlike Google it retains no data on you as an individual) and whilst they do make money from advertising (just like Google) their profits are used to plant trees in various parts of the world - about 45 searches equates to one tree if I remember correctly.

    For info the actual search uses Microsoft's Bing as the default engine - if you prefer Google's algorithms you can still use Ecosia but add " #g" after your search term - they make the money planting trees instead of it going into Alphabet's bloated tax dodging - oops, what am I saying - obviously I mean efficiently tax avoiding, not dodging at all which would be a naughty thing to say.....

    *am speaking as a private individual, not spending school's cash.
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  2. We have just formed an eco club at school to try and get the school more eco aware, go plastic free etc and one of things we are thinking of is the whole school using Ecosia. I now have it on my home computer since my son told me about it.
  3. I've been using Ecosia on my home laptop for years now I love how it tells you how many tress you have planted up on the top right.

    I will suggest it to our IT tech as an idea for use in the school.