Don't you just love it when...

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  1. A teacher says on Monday afternoon - 'Oh, that practical is finished with now, it can be put away.'
    Same teacher on Tuesday morning, 'I've ordered some practicals on lablogger' - and you go in to find it's the same (insert swear word) practical they told you to put away! :mad:

    Give me strength!!!
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  2. I found a load of equipment in one of the labs. Not ordered as a prac so assumed one of the teachers had been trying it out . Finished tidying it away when they came in and asked what I'd done with their stuff. Had to get it all out again. Put. It. In. The. Book.!!!
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  3. Dod


    New version P.U.I.T.PH.B. o_O Nowadays ph =f apparently
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  4. When you are in staff room & teachers ( usually senior, been there for years on high salary, got partner who is in same position ones) talk about how they can barely exist on their salary, can't save ( have holidays abroad every term), will have to work until they drop, will never be able to pay off mortgage ( just had loft conversions, kitchen & bathroom refitted) blah,blah, blah.
    Ok, so everyone moans about their wage, they have worked for their position, but honestly? I once had a Deputy head moan to me about this, when I pointed out that I was a lone parent, on a fraction of his wage & paying a mortgage & have a car & managed to save a little, and still didn't consider myself hard done by.
    He got huffy & said, it's all relative, I have a big house to maintain. ( he also has 2 flats that he rents out & a wife on similar wage to him)
    Don't you just want to point out sometimes that there are people far worse off? That they could tighten their belts a little? That they should count their blessings?
    Rant over...for now ;)
  5. Had something similar a few years ago. A long-standing senior member of the department was moaning about having to pay tax on his "low" wage - showed me the deductions section of his payslip (while carefully covering the rest of it :rolleyes:)..... I said that his tax deduction was nearly double my pay, BEFORE tax was taken off...... (more than double when including NI, etc) :mad: That shut him up........ o_O
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  6. Lol, unfortunately not a lot seems to make them realise that they aren't the most hard up, hard done by, group of workers.
    I saw a HoD's payslip, It was £4000 take home. Now I'm sorry but if you have a partner earning too & you find that a struggle to live on, then you are doing something very wrong.Anyone heard of living within their means?
    Maybe why they put techs in charge of budget?! We can mange money, we have to.
  7. My wife organises the budget at home and cant understand when I am so laid back when she is panicking about funds. She keeps forgetting I run the numbers in my head a long time before she brings them up and I do the same at work. Physics had a moan as they said their budget had been unfairly spent without looking at the sheet so I pointed out how much I had already earmarked for things and that's why their budget is so low :D

    But most teachers don't realise how little support staff are paid until someone goes Oh look at your deductions, that's more than I get paid
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  8. I made the mistake once of commenting to the business manager on how nice her new car was. She then sat chatting away about what a good deal she got on it as it was a lease which is a really good way of getting a car and it only cost £300 a month. She kept recommending I look into it (as I'd had trouble with my car breaking down the week before) but then seemed surprised when I said there's no way I could afford it. I pointed out that she may not realise just how poorly we're paid and said that my monthly take home was probably less than her deductions so there's no way I could afford to spend 25% of my pay on car finance. She went very quiet after that!
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  9. And then when they have 'restructures' it's always the lowest paid staff who are hit while being told 'there's no money'... and to successfully run the school those remaining will have to run themselves into the ground.

    Meanwhile even more SLT jobs are advertised - while consultants (who I have no doubt get well paid) come and go like ball on elastic. (We are in special and financial special measures).
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  10. Just came in this morning to find the labs a mess from the day before. This is because we do not have enough cleaners, 10 were let go this September not to mention the year before. I spoke to a cleaner who confronted the headmaster about them not having enough staff to clean the science department and his response was "Just do the labs every other day". Clearly nobody earning less than 100k could have come up with such a fantastic solution :rolleyes:
    In the meantime we have senior staff who nobody knows what they do on 70k+...
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  11. A cleaner sweeps the floors here and empties bins, but that is all. The place is filthy all the school
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  12. We sometimes don't have the bins emptied either, especially in Biology so you can imagine the smell...
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  13. Yes I now put it in the corridor at the end of the day.
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  14. I'd rather put it outside the headmaster's office.
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  15. You can bet his bin gets emptied every day & office cleaned.:mad:
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  16. Shannon

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    Oh I hate this!!

    So I have started to 'hang on' just in case or keep the majority out if I need the space
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    If they get stuff out they can put it away. I've learnt to ask if stuff is still wanted as Physics teachers like to tinker with equipment before using it in class
  18. Further to this; there are literally small piles of dirt on every stair. Open eve next it will be cleaned for that. If I were the cleaners who have lost sick pay, holiday pay etc, I'd purposely leave it.;)
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