Does anyone have any tips for cleaning the sulfur form a deflagrating spoon?

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  1. Thankfully this experiment doesn't go out too often, since I have started here we have reverted to 'hacking out' the 'burnt' on sulfur with a large screwdriver. I was hoping there would be anice simple method using some chemical or other.
  2. Have you tried burning it off in a fume cupboard? That's what I used to do.
  3. I never considered that. I'll have to give it a go, thank you.
  4. Try Chromic acid (sulfuric acid and potassium dichromate).:);)
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    I think CLEAPSS suggest that you don't use this any more
  6. Have you tried to add toluene in boiling tube or small beaker then boil in a beaker with water or in water bath for a while
  7. Sulphur is soluble in Carbon disulphide (disulfide for George - but where does that leave poor old phosphorus?) but this is equally unlikely to be an appealing alternative.
  8. Burn it off in a fume cupboard. It's the easiest way and no nasty solvents to get rid of afterwards.
  9. We have dedicated spoons for each sample (assuming this is burning metals/non metals). Means we can cut a few corners when cleaning