Does anyone else get a sense of "kid on christmas morning" when they get orders in?

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  1. We got some of our big orders in today, including but not limited to a brand new shiny 4 place balance, micropipette tips, brand new portable pH sensors (in fancy little boxes!) and everything else that isn't as important of course, but still needed.
    Opening them up was more joyous than it probably should have been, it was exciting pulling everything out and getting a good look at them, like seeing what you get on Christmas morning!

    On another note, Breckland scientific are quickly becoming my favourite suppliers, not only do they label their boxes appropriately (don't get mixed up with other deliveries!) and their packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, they also give a goody bag for orders over £300! It came with a pack of Hobnobs, Teabags, Coffee, and 4 Dairy Milk bars, which I shall enjoy devouring! And also supplied a handful of different kinds of batteries.
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  2. So glad it's not just me!
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  3. I do, cos there is quite often a sweet or chocolate hidden inside :)
  4. Absolutely love it - us technicians get excited at the oddest things! The teachers get a bit miffed though because I won't let them play with any of the new toys until I've had a go first.
  5. Better Equipped suddenly became my favourite when I discovered a chocolate bar nestled amongst my order. Sod the rest of the contents of the box, that chocolate bar made my week. To that end, I just placed another order with them. Going to be very disappointed if there is no chocolate bar...
  6. Doesnt do much for me at all, takes more than a bar of chocolate and general science supplies to keep me satisfied.
  7. Yup! alwsy exciting fun, and when the office calls to say that my acid has arrived and could I please come and pick it up I cant help but giggle.
  8. Techitude

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    And then when you've opened it there's the fun of working out why you have 100 boxes of matches instead or 10 or why we have three class set boxes of 144 berol markers instead of three packs of 12. Lets just say we'll never want for berol markers ever again, oops! :D:D
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    We did the same with 2volt bulbs a few years ago...

    And we've done the opposite - thought we were buying ten boxes of something and got ten.
  10. Techitude

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    The better equipped catalogue normally has a sweety stuck on the front inside the protective film, however one year I had two catalogues delivered at the same time with a small hole ripped in the films and both sweeties were gone!
  11. I shall have to remember that and take on more of the ordering (or at least the unpacking :)) I've seen the better equipped catalogues but no sweeties - my colleague must have got there first!
  12. Absolutely! Love opening boxes. <3
  13. The only trouble is Christmases seem to come more often than orders these days :(
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  14. Got ours yesterday and shared with the whole department. They were very excited!!