Do you feel as 'one' with your department?

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  1. Anyone else in a lonely department?
    We never see our science teachers only when they want something do they come into the prep room as their usual day consists of morning meeting/briefing, form, lessons, break spent running around for laptops/printing/cup of tea/detentions, lunch the same but a sandwich thrown in(!) then after school it's the usual stuck in meetings/detentions/training sessions.
    Doesn't help that we stagger our lunches between myself and other tech and don't ever eat at official lunch time as that's when we're most busy and our prac ordering system is electronic so no actual discussion about the practicals. I can honestly say we never see our staff and if we do it's only about work.
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  2. I dont stagger my lunch, I just go for mine after I have cleared the labs and delivered their next lesson. Some days I go to lunch at the start other days I go to lunch half way through and other times its lunch by myself :D
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  3. Apparently it used to be very 'them and us' here with the technicians hiding equipment so teachers couldn't find things and there being a blame game when equipment wasn't available or forgotten.

    The previous senior tech worked hard to overcome this culture as new staff came in, and this is how we have continued to work. We all work as a team with the teaching staff in the department. We take our morning break at different times but lunch overlaps a bit so we have a chat and a cuppa. I do a crossword with one of the chemistry teachers most days.

    I have worked in a very isolated way before and didn't like it. It was very hard to keep motivated when senior staff mainly spoke to you to complain.
  4. It's quite isolated here, I'm a lone tech and it doesn't help that some of the teachers talk badly of the 'useless' previous tech. It upsets me a bit as you have to think if they talk about her openly like that way how will you talk about me behind my back? I don't much feel like I'm a colleague here, I feel more like a servant and I am currently looking for an out after less than 3 months. It's one of the loneliest jobs I've ever been in, even when I was a university tech my academics and the masters and phd students treated me with a lot of respect (with one notable exception but he was a bully to everyone he crossed paths with) and I felt like a proper colleague and part of a team there. Even when I do sit down to break at the same time as people here no one makes an effort with me. Conversations fall flat. I'd think it was me but I've never had people be like that before and my last teams have all been quite closely knit to the point of me still being close long term friends with many of them and on really good terms with many of my previous bosses so I don't think it's anything I've done but it does make me doubt my self and my ability quite a bit.
  5. My school held its first ever sixth form open evening a while ago. I get on really well with my department so much so the head of physics asked me to be in the picture that was to go on the leaflet for physics. I came across said leaflet the other day, I was there in the picture but not listed as a member of staff!!
    I know this is not the fault of the HOP, but it does show how others in the school might see us (or not as the case may be).
  6. Autumn term is always the worst. I don't see much of my lot at the moment. Partly because there are only three full time teachers at the moment and they are flat-out. I make a point of going to their planning meetings so they remember that I too may have ideas. I'm a lone tech so I also try to go to the staffroom for a cup of tea at least once in the day so I see other people. I find that I have to make all the effort as Techs are often seen as "other" by both the support staff and the teaching staff. For example, I worked at one school where the techs were not allowed to go to the Christmas lunch with the Teaching staff and students because there was a specific Christmas lunch for support staff. However, that was on the day after term ended when we didn't work. The heads of science got around this by cooking us lunch in one of their houses (on site as it was a boarding school). It was lovely but that's not entirely the point.

    The illegal departmental kettle/microwave help me to see people.
  7. I've always felt very during involved with the science team, the teachers always pop in for chats on their free periods or in the morning. The department does however fell much more divided than ever before. We have a very 'lad' vibe with the new, young, male teachers. A young female who spends most of her time in her room and doesn't feel very welcomed anymore. An experienced teacher who is also head of year so spends most time in HoY room. HoD who has HoD-like commitments to keep and the final experienced teacher has been moved off of science for all but 7 lessons a week.
  8. I work in the same room as the biology teachers which is not ideal but does mean that we do converse. (I will talk to anybody who will talk to me so I am quite happy). I would like more space but you can't have everything. The chem tech has her own room away from the chem teachers and I sometimes feel she isolates herself from them a bit. The physics tech has her own prep room too but she always mixes with her teachers. Us 3 all meet up for tea break in the physics department so catch up with all the gossip, I mean technical conversation, then.
    I think I have been lucky as I have never worked in a school/college where I have experienced loneliness or the feeling of "them and us" with science teachers (I have had, and do have that "them and us" thing with non- science teachers who have no clue what we do).:)
  9. I feel pretty lucky to be part of a small science department in a small independent girls school. I am very much made to feel part of the team, there are 4 science teachers, 3 are ladies of a similar age to myself (40's) and a new young male teacher who started in September. We all take a coffee break together in the staff room in the morning and did all have lunch in the school dining room until recently, where I go home now to feed/let out our new dog..
  10. I am the only technician in the largest singly occupied space in the entire academy, which is quite a crowded academy by now. But I don't see my situation as a negative. In fact, from the first year I decided that I was going to listen to all of the great works of music while I worked and also have lectures going on and really use my time to enrich my mind. I listen to online lectures from Gresham college, TED talks, great works of music and also musicals, plays and talks. But I am always on station to do the work and constantly working in the prep room on the practicals and dishwashing etc etc, all the things I should be doing. At the moment I have Rautavaara's concerto for birds and orchestra which is a great piece of music and new to me.
    I am aware that most teachers are completely shattered by the time they have taught even the morning lessons, they simply don't have the time nor the energy to socialise in the day but I find if you get yourself along the departmental night out you get to know them much better....
    it is the system wearing everyone else down throughout the day and after that meetings and then phoning parents and marking and always the stress of being observed.
    This is a shame because it is science, shouldn't it be all inspiring like Brian Cox or Prof Jim Al-Khalili makes it? Of course it should be, every day!
  11. Physics technician/Senior technician/Head of Stage Lighting.
    I have a small office (Workshop) for repairs, Its not near the Chemistry or Biology preprooms, so I dont get to see the other Science technicians much, but I cant get away from the other staff, "Have you got a new battery?", "Extension lead", "3BA nut?", "Ream of the good photocopier paper?"
    I get on really well with the Physics teachers, they are a good bunch, they appreciate my skills and knowledge, but sometimes they get a bit cool having to "share me"
    However I get involved with all the departmental meetings/planning etc
    So far so good.
  12. Part time lone technician (job share). Theres been times when Ive felt out of it (old head of science left and we were told not to have morning break with the teachers, that it was a privilege not a right) however they were right by saying we should be working then, which we usually were. However I do socialise with Science teachers when possible. I dont see the other teachers much but I am included on the staff email if we have a "buffet" in the main staff room for birthdays/christmas etc. Im lucky that the school is quite small so most people know who I am.
  13. Most people know who I am, but I haven't a clue who most of the non-science staff are! It's probably more to do with my own anti-social tendencies, and I am totally embarrassed to start asking people their names when I should have asked/remembered it when I started years ago.. I think I get on fine with the science team- but then they know what I do...
  14. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Kids know who I am, as sometimes I will help in the lessons, I had to help when two school buses were in a traffic jam to due to RTA (I was on the public one in the que) Also my ex diector of Sixith Form speaks to Year 11s and I tag along to give my time there ect.

    I spend my break time in the prep room as its been moved to earlier, reading the news, catching up on personal emails. Lunch I will make sure I will go into the Staff room so I have had some interaction with other staff and I do like the change of view.

    I feel as the only sci tech, no one quite's understand how hard it is to be in 2 different places at once on two different floors..

    I try and set some ground rules but it sometimes does not always work. *joys*

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