Do I have enough?

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  1. I'm not sure we have enough Oscilloscopes... Does anyone know where I can get more?

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  2. :eek: We have one that's very old. Having said that, it works a treat! Someone likes physics in your school :D:D
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    That Telequipment one on the right is the same as the first oscilloscope I learnt how to use. My first job aged 17 was as a teaching lab technician in a university physics department and those were our oscilloscope of choice
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  4. Sadly I think it's a case of 'liked'. I doubt any of them have been used in the last decade; they're all Biologists, here
  5. I've got a telequipment scope(it was in the dept when I joined 29years ago), it still works well, but I dont think any of the teachers could fathom it.
    Ive also got 2 maplin dual beamscopes, 6 similar to the wedge shaped ones and 5 orange and black Unilab ones.
    Not to mention the 2 picoscopes.
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  6. I found a picoscope... I've yet to find the cables for it!
  7. Picoscope uses a standard USB A-B between the computer and the box.
    Standard BNC between the input and your signal. Some CROs use these, but I have some BNC to Phono converters from an old CCTV system that work.
  8. You have maybe 2/3rds of our stock.
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  9. Same here with the telequipment - best CRO I've ever used. It was old when I started here in 1983 & still works fine but I've retired it from the lab so it's now part of my test equipment. We also have 4 1970s "Gould" scopes from when we did Electronics as a separate subject, hated them as the trace is unstable so they don't leave the cupboard and 6 1980s vintage Hitachis that have been really hammered over the last 40 years but are still going strong, although they only get used a couple of times a year now.
  10. We have a class set of small CROs. Plus the "good old" and "new" ones that are kept in the preproom. And a digital oscilloscope I need to have a play with. Plus whatever's in the cupboard labelled "Old Large Oscilloscopes".
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  11. You have less than half of our physics stock - and engineering has the same amount on top of that. Then there's the pc oscilloscopes - we have one that's decades old and one bought last year. Interesting to compare...
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    One can never have enough.
  13. Tee


    plus a picoscope and digital storage oscilloscope

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    Just out of curiosity are you guys in state or independent schools? I work in an independent school, and we’ve often wondered how schools cope with some of the equipment requirements. That said we only have two oscilloscopes and haven’t been able to justify buying more
  15. I work in an independent school so we have a healthy budget.
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    Independent school... not unusual to ask for 5 or so CROs for Physics A-Level class here
  17. State Comp have 5/6 for a level and all the old ones as well (2 work).
  18. When I worked in a previous independent school, I bought 24 new digital oscilloscopes so they were easy to set up for class practicals - the new HOD didn't like that the CRO's didn't all match...
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  19. Ordinary college that had a huge budget 30 years ago and pretty much no budget the past few years...