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  1. I tend to use distilled for everything - just out of habit (used to work in Uni) but my partner used to use tap water as he had no easy access to distilled at the School he used to work at.
  2. :rolleyes:
  3. I am trying to get my Deioniser working ! see other thread on here !!

    At the moment buying it in
  4. As a general rule we tend to use DI water for all our solutions. At least it means when making up in bulk you don't have to work about what a batch can and can't be used for or what it was made up with that way.
  5. Thanks for your input everyone. I will make all solutions with Distilled water from now on

    Have a great weekend
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  6. I'm glad to hear it Paul. Enjoy the weekend break!:D:D
  7. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Had me worried.. I thought I was showed wrong hehe
  8. Where were you based
  9. It rather depends on your tap water...
    Mine is very hard and reacts with the acid so I only use distilled for acids despite it only being fro KS3/4
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  10. Same as Alice, I am in an exceptionally hard water area, so would never use to make solutions.

    I'm old school & a bit of a stickler when it comes to this issue :)
    For day to day solutions, I use deionised water. For higher accuracy A Level work distilled water only.
  11. Distilled water for everything except sodium thiosulphate where the slightly higher pH aids the solution stability.
  12. If you add 1g sodium carbonate per L of Thiosulphate stability will be maintained.:);)

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