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  1. Hi all

    Is it even possible to use/find uncut hearts for dissection now? The abattoirs and butchers I used to use are great for most things but when it comes to pig/ox/lamb hearts they are always basically completely cut open (basically pre-dissected due to being sold for human consumption) and quite frankly are rubbish for a student who wishes to dissect themselves.
  2. Tescos!
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  3. But they're still for human consumption and would be pre-cut?
  4. We use "samples for schools" - not exactly cheap compared to supermarkets/butchers, but the organs, though still classed as "fit for human consumption" (so within guidelines for use) are specifically for dissection so aren't slashed....:
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  5. I have either never noticed or they've been small, I think they try to reduce it to make it look more 'appealing' for those who want to eat it :confused: I only ever get lamb hearts from tesco now for dissection as they usually have a decent bit of the aorta still attached too which you don't always get with the butchers
  6. Also, I've never got them, but Asda do ox and lamb hearts according to their website. If you had time you could pop down to either asda or tesco to see what you think of them (if you have one locally). If not samples for schools are great as Dave says, but there is a £9.95 delivery fee o_O
  7. I always went to Tesco for ours and they were always fine. They might have been cut a little but I honestly can't recall having any that were so slashed that they affected the dissection. I buy in bulk now from Samples for Schools because it's easier to have them in stock ready. The delivery fee is for small orders ( under £100 I think) so if you have a big enough freezer you could maybe buy dissection items in bulk.
  8. If you just ask the butchers they should be able to order you some that are specifically uncut.

    My fellow tech recently got a bag of 70 hearts and they are all perfectly fine. Just remember to ask for them to be individually bagged though as I have heard a horror story of having to sit and bag each heart before it went in the freezer o_Oo_Oo_O
  9. they are cut by the meat inspectors, luckily they have been deemed not nessesary by the government so no longer inspected.
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  10. We use samples for school, as said above not cheap. Our local supermarkets sell out too quickly as it appears offal is very popular for dinner around these parts. (love a bit of liver myself)
  11. Heart dissections are getting ridiculous here - 20 pigs hearts plus dissection kits wanted. 5 for Tuesday pm and 5 Thursday pm (year 7 would you believe) one working days notice. 10 wanted for Wednesday 2x GCSE groups.
    Local butcher could only get 10 for Wednesday. Tried local abattoir they say no problem another 10 for tomorrow lunch - I asked about cut damage they said they have to be cut by the inspectors to check for disease - so they are fit fro human consumption - No option as legal requirement.
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    I don’t remember the exact details but I’m sure we supplied a letter to an abattoir saying that the hearts were for educational use and would not be eaten. This allowed them to supply them with no/minimal slashing
  13. I'm going to ask the abattoir the very same question to see if they will be able to assist - I think the slashing shows up disease which might effect other parts of the animal - so they are not just checking the heart in isolation - I'll let you know the reason
  14. I require 2 weeks notice for dissections as i have to go to Sainsbury's multiple times to get them and they wont let me order them. (the local butcher closed the shop.)
  15. I too soft!!!!!
  16. On this one I'd say so, but it depends on the circumstances. We require a minimum of a weeks notice for dissections as it can sometimes take a week to sort out stock, only one or two day's notice would be a firm no from us.
    If you've got the stock already then a days notice isn't a problem.
  17. Always do fresh never stock frozen because I haven't a freezer.
  18. I couldn't manage without one.
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  19. Our students are always asked to bring a heart in for dissection, so I only get the occasional one for demos. (Saves on the budget too!)
  20. Great idea but the teachers are used to me running after them