Disinfecting after dissection

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  1. Greetings to everyone,

    I would like you to suggest me which would be the best in regards to disinfecting the scalpels, the scissors and the forceps after some dissection,

    Putting everything in a washing bowl filled with diluted GP detergent is definitely the best, but what if I just spray with virkon and the put in the washing machine,

    Could the second be inadequate or dangerous? It was a chicken wings dissection

  2. I'd either put them in the dishwasher or wash them up in hot soapy water, same as I would my kitchen knives at home after preparing meat.
  3. That should be fine - the dishwasher should sterilise them anyway especially if use dish washer detergent.
    Think of it this way - dishwashers are used to clean dish-ware and cutlery if they came out contaminated with microbes then we would all be very ill by now.
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  4. Me too....they are food grade so that's all we need to do
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  5. I wipe down the benches with dettol spray and kitchen roll as if I was at home too....
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  6. Benches wiped down with virkon. If autoclave is out then i have sprayed with virkon, rinsed and sterilised otherwise (what tend's to happen more) is virkon and hot water with detergent. Cloth is bagged and binned afterwards. Some people have been to known to use cloths for mugs in prep room before, despite warned not to:(
  7. absolutely no need to use Virkon. This should only be used for Microbiology,
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  8. http://science.cleapss.org.uk/Resource/G268-Dissection-a-guide-to-safe-practice.pdf
    clean surfaces as students have dissecting boards straight on benches and tend to splash blood around. I prefer not to use virkon on instruments but try to sterilise. Microbes potentially in the meat. This works for us and the teachers prefer knowing the guidelines are followed.
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  9. That guidance refers to the potential for large numbers of microbes that may be released if dissecting intestines.
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  10. I have some Dettol antiseptic for first aid, medical & personal hygiene uses, (4,8% w/v)

    Is it the right one for the disinfection of the surfaces which used during the dissection?
  11. We just use the spray bottles of dettol surface cleaner that you can buy for household use. It's cheap and effective.
  12. How concentrated it is? Mine is 4,8% w/v I'll google to find the spray's percentage % w/v
  13. Literally, all you need is antibacterial spray as sold in the supermarket - the sort you'd use to clean your kitchen or bathroom. I treat dissection at school the same as dealing with raw meat at home. Its no more risky.
  14. 100% agree with this x
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  15. As killing it with fire is not an option, I would say Virkon is the best thing out there but at just over £100 for 5kg (or just under £40 for 500g), for dissections of uncontaminated food stuffs then I would say antibacterial kitchen cleaner is enough.
  16. Yep. What would you do in your kitchen at home after cutting up raw chicken? Pretty sure you wouldn't use Virkon.
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  17. Guessing cooking it isn't the answer you are wanting :D
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  18. It doesn't worry me if the department want to use virkon, I will provide it. AQA RP5 suggests virkon as an disinfectant and that is the choice made here.
    If I am doing cheek cells it is virkon. We also do have sufficient currently as quite a lot was purchased when we had a bigger budget.
    We have had antibacterial surface sprays in the department and they have gone missing from cupboard.
    Some of the meat for dissections often smells pretty funky so I will go with the flow.
    What I use at home is irrelevant as that is my choice. (I will refrain from further commenting now and wish I had never written anything about how we do it here)
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  19. Following guidance in GL185 you should be autoclaving them.

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  20. Agh! hasn't been my practice so far.. consider myself told.
    Guess that's a job for tomorrow..