Digital Ammeters - help!

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  1. Hi all,

    We've purchased a set of new digital ammeters and have gotten some unusual results when testing them. When using a 1.5A power supply (SATZ, grey), all of the ammeters have given readings of approximately 3.5A. There is also a buzzing noise and the LED on the power supply flickers. Any ideas why this might be happening?

  2. Nick Mitchener

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    Are you using a circuit to test them, what is in it?
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  3. Exactly what Nick says!
  4. If you haven't used additional components in the circuit, you are effectively shorting the power supply, which could damage the power supply or the ammeter.
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  5. Apologies for the late reply, it was a busy couple of days!

    I tested them in a series circuit - powerpack, bulb, ammeter and also in parallel with two bulbs.
  6. PhysicsSimon

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    What voltage did you have your power pack set to?
  7. Tested at 6V with MES bulbs. Also tried at 12V with a raybox, but still got the same readings.
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    Nope, don't understand that one at all - our 6V mes bulbs have a rated current of 0.06A (other variants are available).....the only way you could get to that sort of current would be if you'd fitted the ammeter across the component (as a voltmeter should be fitted) rather than in line
  9. Just tried again - I think Thursday-afternoon-me put the ammeter in the wrong place, doh! Thank you for the help.
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    No worries - we all do it (or similar) from time to time - not so long ago I did this the other way round (in line voltmeter) - just stood there wondering why the bulb didn't light - took ages (and a lot of lead swapping etc etc) to realise....Doh indeed!