Digestion practical

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  1. Hi there,

    Regarding the digestion practical what can I use to simulate the intestines? (large and small)

    Have been requested for either tights or clear plastic tube with holes on the bottom (this could be a big fizzy drink bottle I suppose)

    Is there anything else? Do the suppliers provide with something that is easy washable as well?

  2. Nylon stockings and gunge.:(:(
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  3. We just give them one leg cut off of a pair of opaque black tights, a beaker of milk, a brown bread 'sandwich', a banana and a piece of chocolate cake. All goes through as if the food was being eaten as a meal, bit by bit. Open end is the mouth, cut the other end off at the finish. It's very basic, but shows the poo very nicely at the end :D
  4. Just buy some cheap stockings or tights and throw them away after.

    We do the gums to bums activity that was from science works originally. Sort of a role play with 16 stations and someone gets to be the anus, rectum etc.:D
  5. we use tights. I buy cheap nuggets and oven chips, cook them in the microwave and give them as a Happy Meal with cola
  6. A plastic cup with the base cut out inserted into the top of the stocking makes it a bit easier to put the food into at the start. We use crackers and diluted orange juice, mostly. We can always tell when the demo starts, by the kids' reactions ;)
  7. Dod


    And us in the corridors know when it is a successful experiment. :mad:
  8. We do the 'stocking' one, but if your teacher has got hold of the same DRAWING ( note not actual picture of equipment) that one of ours has then I can understand you asking.
    Some bright spark made this up & we are expected to make it.
    Bits of tubing clamped to balloons, gloves, tights, funnels, bags and more! Try attaching a stocking to a glove finger with a clamp, another finger to a large plastic bag & you'll see why we persuaded teachers to go back to tights.:p
  9. We have this one and it was a faff to make up but it works well. It is only one for a demo though
  10. FAFF?! Lol, we couldn't make it seal. How did you attach bag to glove etc? Not sure I want to know as everyone will ask for it!
    PLus couldn't see how food would go through such small tubes.
  11. We use tights for the small intestine and a tea towel for the large - it is good for giving the food a good squeeze to get the water out.