Digestion of starch agar in germinating seeds

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  1. Hello....not done this 6th form practical before.
    It is ok to make up the plates in the morning, the practical is in the afternoon?
    Also .How long do I need to soak the seeds for?
    Thank you the staff member doing it is not here today to ask
  2. As long as the plates have had time to properly set you'll be fine. They can be made up a few days in advance.
  3. Which exam board?
    They all do something titled vaguely similar but utilising very different methods
  4. WJEC
  5. Thank you do I need to store in fridge?
  6. I am in middle of this practical. Next group to do it is Thursday.
    Plates made & on side in prep room. Bottles filled with sterilised water, hypochlorite solution etc all labelled in tubs. I'll make Gibberellic Acid on the day.
    Our pupils make a plan, but all make same concentrations of GA so I sterilise measured amounts of water eg 2.5 , 3, 3.5 & 4 mls all they have to do is add GA to make up to 5 mls.
    Our exam board is Edexcel.
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