Determination of Aspirin in Tablets by Back Titration

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  1. Here is a pic of the calculations I use to teach BTEC Applied Science students who were on Work Experience the principle of the Back Titration. Bear in mind that these students had very little experience of Titrations. The real value of the amount of Aspirin was 300 mg so they achieved good results on their first attempt. Magic!:);)

    Teaching - Back Titration.png
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    George - I'm glad proper Chemistry still exists, can I cheekily point out that the equation in the top left isn't balanced. it should make H2O on the RHS - but it was a pleasure to read and quite rightly a good result with such inexperienced students ;)
  3. :( That was rather cheeky of you to point out 007.:D I'm going to cover my tracks (red faced) and say it was one of the Students who wrote the equation (lying).:p:p:p Yes proper still exists (in some places) and yes they did well, especially when some of them had never seen a Burette before and the fact that some people find the concept difficult to comprehend.:)
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  4. I did this with the a-level students at my last school - we got fab results and it worked really well.