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    yeah, sorry @Jburns it was aimed as a general caveat and at the original poster of the message. sorry for the confusion.:confused:
  2. That's ok, I seem to be really easily confused today :D
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  3. I think I agree with everything you've said Emil. Those Technicians who are employed by an Agency should be extra careful as they can be instantly dismissed if they do not comple with a Teacher' request (however wrong and unsafe it may be).:)
  4. Bloody hell, that's absolutely not on. As has been said you need to go straight to HoD (failing them whoever's in charge of H&S) and put your foot down on this one.

    On a slight tangent,
    @CovTech Have you got a link to the specific use of lithium for y9? I don't know off the top of my head what prac that is and I'd like to!
  5. Nope, I'd never have considered it myself but the Hazcard says "TT (Yr9)" so I assume CLEAPSS know something we don't ;)
  6. They must do, I can't find anything that fits the bill on their website searching for lithium!
  7. Ditto
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    In terms of H&S law, it is a duty of ALL employees to point out to another employee if they consider something is being done in a dangerous manner, and then to report up if the activity does not stop or change to safe practice.
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  10. They meant "stop the practical" from continuing.

    (It was about a tutoring company doing pracs in the holidays, they kept phoning me. Was so much hassle)

    In the end the Senior tech will be in the middle of everything.
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    me too, I am keeping well quiet. ;)
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  12. Your place _in law_ is to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. End of story.
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  13. Your place as a technician is also to respect a hierarchy in the workplace and to follow proper communication channels. I certainly envy your position where you can "end of story" in the workplace, but many technicians do not have that same luxury. I almost got disciplined for sending such an e-mail and would have likely been sacked if I had taken things further. Sure, I'll go to court as long as you pay my fees and medication for my mental health...
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    The law is clear. You have a duty in law to advise a colleague they are working unsafely and then to report up. Yes of course you follow the chain of command. Once you have reported up you keep a copy of that written communication, you then have a defence against prosecution by the HSE.

    It is about your defence, not about creating a stink. The effort you put in to follow it all up must be proportional to the risk of the activity. If there is a danger of death then it is hard to see how any governing body would not welcome your intervention.
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  15. Absolutely right.
    Not disputing anything you said, just saying that common sense and professional conduct must come into play to safeguard your personal well being. It's very possible to do that and follow the law at the same time.
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    I think what I laid out will successfully achieve both.
  17. Bloody hell, if someone tried to discipline me over upholding reasonable health and safety concerns... *fumes* :mad:

    HSE guidance for employees says "You must take care of your own health and safety and that of people who may be affected by what you do (or do not do)".
    If I'm the one with the knowledge of the hazard the 'requester of potentially child-maiming items' is getting a polite but extremely firm "no, I'm having no part in making this happen because it's dangerous".

    Nobody should be letting themselves be intimidated into enabling something dangerous happening in a classroom, everyone has the luxury to say "end of story" in a genuinely risky situation. Any reasonable HOD/health and safety manager/headteacher/governor/union (delete in that order as each proves unreasonable) would back you up.
    If they don't it's not a place you want to work, also they need reporting to HSE.

    Safety (especially kids' safety) > office politics.
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  18. A formula to live by.
  19. My JD says

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