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  1. We were doing the 1/2 life experiment with small plastic dice that have one face painted. As these are withdrawn from the labs we count them back into bowls of 100, ready for next time. A new teacher gave the boys a bowl each and Gratnells trays to sprinkle into and then extract the ones with painted faces up. The residue is then put back into the bowl and the process is repeated. At the end of the lesson the boys just poured all the dice into 1 gratnells tray forming a critical mass and we now have no roof!
  2. This is just one use of our extremely useful small plastic boxes. Set number of coloured dice in each. Keeps everything safely contained.
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  3. Moral of the story, use smarties, M&Ms or skittles, then you don't need to worry about them coming back :D
  4. We would normally use skittles but with all the infection risk and mouths and fingers we went back to the cubes. Next year those that are still alive will get skittles.
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  5. You owe me a keyboard!
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  6. Has someone not yet learnt to swallow before reading anything on here?
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  8. Love this @Shannon :D

    My top tip:

    Weigh 100 of your specific cubes and record the mass.

    @GeorgetheScienceTech could provide one but it's likely to SHOUT

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  9. Oh Alice how right you are. I've been taking my time for a long time to get this keyboard sorted. I've been thinking how I can't be bothered to get a new one. What's the point when I could just SHOUT instead? Meanwhile I continue to explore the the limits of absolute boredom - that's me!:D:D
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    Your place closed??
  11. Not yet Shannon but who knows what will happen. This plague wouldn't have got to the stage it is if people just maintained their personal hygiene i.e. washed their hand and didn't spray other individuals with their virions. I hope that you are well and feel a little better. take care.:D P.S. I'm told that me smiling upsets Emil @Emil Retaw so I'll continue to do so!:D:D:D:D
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  12. We're still mates Emil!:p:p
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    Thanks, Just I feel what else can be thrown at me atm lol
  14. :D:p:D