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  1. Getting very frustrated with a cross head screw on the base of a power pack- can't remove base to replace internal fuse without removing, and the firmly fixed screw is wearing away with my efforts to unscrew it. It is deeply inside the moulded base, so I can't see any other implement will fit inside, but the more I try, the worse it will get...
    Any suggestions?
    Would PTFE on the screwdriver head help, or just gammy it up?
  2. Chin Up Claire!Try removing it with Pliers.:);)
  3. Bit of blu-tack on top of the screw sometimes works well for this issue.
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  4. A bit of rubber band in the screw head or just drill it out.
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  5. Dod


    Something to stick fine grit to the blade ( lick it or similar) and give a sharp rap with a light hammer as you press firmly down and turn
    Another way to tackle is to try a tighten motion as this sometimes releases the 'stiction' and unscrew as normal.
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  6. what make and model of power supply is it ?
    are you using the correct size / type of screwdriver
    sometimes a wee squirt of WD40 / GT85 down the screwhole might help
  7. you might need one of these.

    Kitclan Damaged Screw Remover Set
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    Beat me to it Paul - I bought one of these for myself last year (just couldn't get this tiny ratted screw that I'd rounded out of the gear cover on my bike & I was trying to change the cable).

    I did need a reversible electrical drill (electric screw driver would probably work too) to work with it - thankfully I've one of these in my prep room. Once I'd the gear it came out within a minute or two - dead easy
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  9. I know site supervisor will have reversible drill, will see if he has this kit (and consider getting it myself if not...)
    Thanks for all suggestions, nothing worked yet, but determined not to be beaten by a ~*#** screw!