COVID-19 and prep room

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  1. Greetings to everyone,

    Locking down the school for long due to the COVID-19 means literally no ventilation of the prep room for long,

    Which kind of chemicals evaporates and should be relocated to the chemical store?

  2. If you have the space everything should be in the chem store!

    At a minimum: anything flammable or oxidising, ammonia, bromine, iodine, Conc Acids

    Your inert powders should be fine as should bench strength acids/bases
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  3. Thanks Jade, as concentrated should I consider the acids more than 1M or the 1M as well,

    All the flammables should be put in the chemical store? Is there any limit regarding the flammables in the chemical store?
  4. Make sure that your Water Reactives are secure (no leaks).
  5. Which are the Water Reactives?
  6. CLEAPSS say no more than 50L in one flammable cupboard.

    If you are short of space I would prioritise:
    HCL of 5M or stronger into the chem store
    H2SO4 higher than 2M in the chem store
    HNO3 1M and above into the chem store.

    If you have a lot of ethanoic aid dilutions made up I would just worry about the concentrate rather than the dilutions.

    Water reactives are things like your alkali metals (Li, Na and K), Calcium to a degree. Look for anything that has an FW or CW label on the Hazcards.
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  7. Thanks Jade!
  8. where do you normally store them, is it locked?
  9. Regarding the food test reagents? Biuret Reagent etc? Sil
    Do you mean the Storage Codes ?
  10. mine are still on the shelf in bio.
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  11. I have also some petri dishes with agar in the incubator, only one of them has given a bacteria culture,

    what am I supposed to do with these? I don't have bags for disposal, only biohazard bags eureka, can I leave them in the incubator?
  12. autoclave all live cultures.

    see GL337 – Microbiology – What to do if your school closes

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  13. I will be back tomorrow, I will do this, thanks a lot!
  14. Actually I have a tiny amount of bacteria culture in one only petri dish, can I use ethanol? If yes which should be the method?

    Can I just embed the agar plate in ethanol?
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  15. if they are poured the i would sterilise them or leave them until later as per cleapss advice.
  16. I don't have autoclave bags
  17. I put petri dishes & bacteria cultures in fridge & freezer until we can go in. Autoclave playing up & not a lot I can do about that now.