Corona Corona...

It's pretty embarrassing how the products of the best UK education can offer have such a poor grasp of the situation. A simple area under the line calculation will show the difference between a do nothing scenario and where we are now (the outputs will be similar in the end) and how far we actually have to go. Admittedly, there may be a lull due to warmer weather (nobody knows for sure) but the chances of precipitating a spike will be certainly increased if we continue on our present course of easing lockdown.
I've lived within 10miles of Liverpools pierhead all mee life.
I wouldnt call meeself a Scouser though, I can manage a nasel twang if I try.
I was born at the posh Northern end, but little by little I'm moving South and now live just outside Bootle,
Like being born within the sound of Bow bells... being a scouser required being born within the smell of the Mersey.
I'd say that you are definitely a Scouser Tony. Be proud of it. I Have loved your posts. Be safe.
Dear All,
If any of you are still in work & have any new packs of Nitrile gloves, ask your HoD if you can donate them to your local hospital or Dr's.
As most surgeries are closed to all but emergencies, lots of GP's are working at hospitals too. I took our stock down to local surgery for them to take. They were most grateful.
Schools up in the city have taken them to London Hospital & Barts.
Same goes for any unopened packs of face masks. After all, we won't be using them for a while.
Just found a few more packs of gloves while I'm here clearing up. Off to pop those to surgery.
Stay safe everyone.
We already have.