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  1. Tee


    If external agencies decide that schools should close (as in Italy)... teaching staff would as reasonably possible would be expected to provide remote learning to the classes they teach to ensure all pupils continue to make academic progress through the closure.....

    Just curious to know of what contingency plans schools have got in place for non teaching staff/ specialist support staff/ technical staff? What are the expectations for us technicians for an extended period of closure?
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  2. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon COMMITTEE

    So far, we have been told to check we can access work area from home or at least emails ?

    Not sure if I would need to access to shared area ect
  3. We just had a briefing
    Essentially, get some packs together for students in yr11 and 13 to be able to revise for exams, make sure they're paper packs cos if the school network crashes there'll be no one on site to reboot it and until told otherwise keep a cool head, reassure the kids, don't let them see if you're rattled by all this and above all keep on as if the world still plans to be spinning tomorrow
  4. Shannon

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    We have been also told to make sure Yr 11 can use like online pages yet I was thinking, if all schools have set these, wont they all crash under pressure? :?
  5. We have heard nothing really just been told make sure pupils was their hands and given us loads of paper towels
  6. our policy say

  7. paul r

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    business as usual ! Well that is what Boris is saying .
  8. Complete storm in a teacup! Probably snow before they shut any schools!
    Anyway look on the positive side. Good time to invest in shares, cheap fuel, cheap flights and holidays save money at the supermarket as all shelves are empty.
    Think i remember something like this in 1987, think it was called AIDS that we were all going to die of!
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  9. Techitude

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    We've just had a powerpoint to read about washing your hands. I've not heard anything else mentioned about contingency plans.
  10. Yes but you have to share bodily fluids to get hiv...not just the same space for 15 not at all the same
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  11. Noone here has been told to prepare anything.
  12. We haven't heard anything from our SLT here, I don't know if there have been discussions going on behind the scenes or not.
  13. Everything in our dept. is already on Google Classroom and has been since Sept. anyhow, so if in the unlikely event school does close, they can continue learning from home using Google Classroom.

    However judging by the fact the science dept. had to give the rest of the school a training session on using Google Classroom last night, the rest of the school doesn't hasn't moved as much stuff online, if any.
  14. No idea what planning is going on here. I can check email from home and I think there's quite a bit of stuff online that they already use.
  15. We are a sixth form college, so getting the required chemistry practicals for ticking all the boxes at A level is the priority. Brought remaining ones forward and mopping them up now in case we can't do them later. Contingencies for one or two members of staff being off sick (only three teachers + tech) - cover each others lessons and I run practicals and supervise lessons without teaching.
    We work with staff-written booklets for each topic and additional stuff on the college website. The units have been tweaked so at least two weeks worth can be given out for them to do at home. Teachers available to answer emails and post stuff online - basically distance learning tutors. Nothing for me there. A couple of units are more problematic and harder to give for self-study, so if there is a longer problem there will start to be issues - but if it gets that big then exams will be off anyway, and everyone will have the same problems.
    We are in the country so people need public transport to get in, and if that suffers then that is another issue.
    That is the department. The college has said it is keeping up with the official advice and is making contingency plans - though what they will be I don't know. Either staff are off sick, the kids are off sick, the buses and trains don't run or we are closed (or people make their own decision and decide not to go out). Nothing the college management can do about any of those things!
  16. Elizabeth Gould

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    Teachers here are rushing through the scheme for year 11 and 13 and setting up work packs for other years.
    There has been some talk of Facebook live lessons if year 10 and 12 students are sent home.
  17. Dod


    Nearly heads in sand as far as we can tell.
    Got a poster E-mailed to us and that with 4 confirmed cases 11 miles away :eek:.
    Think I will self exterminate (think that is the word) now. ;)
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  18. Wonder if there is any planning for A level practical exams if we shut?
    Or the exam season in general.
    If we shut I guess we work the summer holiday instead?
  19. Nick Mitchener

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    We are supposed to be working in Science Depts, so let's try not to conflate one pandemic with another. HIV is generally avoidable and is now treatable, and those who have it when under successful treatment can no longer pass it on.

    Covid-19 is a novel virus, we are still learning about it, but that learning process is already more advanced than HIV was after two years.

    However it is rather more easily caught, and currently less treatable. It will affect more of the population and it will cause a strain on resources.

    HIV did not shut down a whole country, so yes, keep it in perspective, but let's not be daft about it. It will impact our lives, more than likely in ways that none of us has seen in their lifetimes.
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  20. Definitely not a storm in a teacup Blackadder.:)
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