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    Thought Ill post this helpful tip!
    HOP came to me saying some of the gas taps were blocked in her room, she tired to unblock with a screwdriver

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  2., our site manager wouldn't be happy with us doing DIY on our gas taps!
  3. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Ours seem very busy at the moment and short staffed.. they don't mind us helping along we tell them :)
  4. I used to clean the taps until Safety Officer warned me I was not a qualified gas fitter and could potentially be breaking the law!
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  5. First turn the gas supply off to the lab. Then you must make sure the gas tap is opened or you will damage the plastic septum and cause a gas leak which is both hazardous and expensive to put right. I use a mounted needle and a pair of fine forceps, but I am well experienced now with over 40 years doing things like this. Never been told I was breaking the law but I will investigate this
  6. I think CLEAPSS say as long as you don't go past the valve in the tap, you aren't breaking the law as far as I can remember
    "Technicians are not legally qualified to maintain and repair gas fittings but they can and should, if necessary, unblock gas outlets. A tool for this job, that will avoid damage to the barrel, is described in the Laboratory Handbook Section 8.1.2, page 812."

    Is it just me that thinks section 8.1.2 being on page 812 is either a typo or a nice coincidence?

  8. That makes sense, we are not allowed to maintain fixed appliances, but we can maintain Bunsen burners, so anything that comes after the gas tap including the hosetail outlet.
    Half of our labs have safety cutots that sheck if there is any gas flow when everything is switched off (a leak)

    It can be a bit of a pain as students play with the gas taps.
  9. I've been cleaning gastaps for years with a tool similar to the CLEAPSS one, I got "caught" by our heating engineer, who was miffed that we wernt paying him to do it. I explained the CLEAPSS view and I havent heard from him since (apart from when he flooded one of my labs (2 or 3 inches deep) while trying to get rid of an air lock....
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  10. We don't touch any broken/blocked gas or electric - just in case something goes wrong because of our lack of knowledge, plus, it's the caretakers job to get the relevant qualified person to deal with it. And, in our opinion, if you do a job which is not yours just once, you can guarantee you will get landed with it for ever... especially when it's added to your 'list' of duties at your next appraisal.
  11. For this very reason I don't own a mop!
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  12. In some of our labs, we put those cylindrical pipette bulbs over the gas tap outlets when they are not in use. It helps prevent absent-minded fiddlers stuffing plasticine / blue-tack / paper up the spout.
  13. Make sure it's not put on your job description - someone we know 'helped out' in a different department and that's exactly what happened to them :)
  14. There is a clause in my contract that states:-
    "and any other duty the headmaster deems suitable."
    It has never been invoked but "never say never".

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