CLOSED - Senior Technician

Discussion in 'Science Technician Vacancies' started by Jo Ayshford, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Am I missing the pay grade, I couldn't see it.
  2. I dont know it but believe it is on CLEAPSS vacancies site.
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  3. According to CLEAPSS it is 22-23k BUT it doesn't specify whether that is actual or FTE.
  4. its actual the FTE is £30,000
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  5. I think I need a pay rise then!
  6. I'm tempted to go for it even though it's an hour's drive each way (according to google)
  7. Oooo also offering perks I see - dental & health care plan, discounted gym and cinema tickets etc, we don't get as much as a dry biscuit at an after school meeting in state education.
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  8. Inset here today so I have had a lot of unwanted sandwiches.
  9. Perfect time to fill in an application if you really want to apply :p