CLOSED - Physics Technician - Plymstock, Devon. Closing date 15th March.

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  1. Would anyone with a good knowledge of GCSE and A-level Physics like to come and work with me in beautiful Devon?! My colleague is retiring soon, and we need to replace him with someone who can provide good technical support for the Physics curriculum. Some knowledge of Chemistry would also be helpful, but Physics is key :)

    Interested? Click on the link below, and scroll down to the bottom of the page for details:
  2. Good luck finding a physics tech.
  3. Thanks!!!!
    We need a Physics teacher too :D
  4. I would love to but can't move family (husband, anyway) to Devon. :(
    I can only get him in on a grockle-visa.
  5. Sounds idylic, but, Its a bit of a commute from Liverpool.
  6. We are interviewing for one of them today :D
  7. LOL - when you've appointed yours, send the rest our way!! :D
  8. If it wasn't such a commute I would do but I am in kent.
  9. I only get blank stares when i use that term.
  10. At least you are not saying emmet :D
  11. That'll confuse them. Being a Cornishwoman I am well acquainted with emmets.
  12. no I lived on the other side of the bridge. :p
  13. ah yes....where the jam slides off the cream ;)
  14. Not if you do it right :D
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  15. If the jam slides off, you don't have enough cream.
  16. To be fair, Cornish or Devonian, it doesn't really matter ;)

    Now concentric bifurcated circles of jam and cream is the only way to bring peace to the West Country
    LIke this:
  17. Beautiful.....:)
  18. We had scones at the weekend, so my husband cut his in half and did one piece each way. I, however, still maintain that the correct way is the Devon way i.e. jam on top, as the cream takes the place of butter. Simples :D
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  19. We could debate this for some time. Maybe a blind tasting would be a good experiment?
  20. Kay


    We are scientists after all. A good bit of evidence will go a long way.