CLOSED - Physics Technician - Eton College - Closes 17th October

Discussion in 'Science Technician Vacancies' started by Steve, Oct 7, 2019.

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  2. Is it fair to assume everyone's looking at this wondering how much Eton pays it's techs?
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  3. :D probably! I looked but it's not a brilliant wage is it? The link didn't work so I went to their website directly. Interesting that the tech job was pro rata but others weren't. By the time the salary is worked out pro rata it probably works out similar to the cleaners job that they also have advertised.
  4. But its still a good FTE compared to here. That physics tech is on a it more than I am as a senior
  5. pension scheme looks pretty good too - employers contribution 11%, mine only go up to 5%:(
  6. Apologies that the link didn't work. It seems that any time I try and open the external school website it directs me back in through the intranet and gives me a link that doesn't work. But as you say, it is possible to access the job spec from the website directly or people can access it through the TES Jobs advert here:
  7. The link worked for me, the day you posted it and now..

    (And yes, I was just curious what Eton paid..)
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  8. and there are two as it says.
  9. Damn, I wonder how much their senior physics tech is on and if there is a tech above him in charge of the lot!
  10. Paul, there are three actually (Two technicians and one senior technician). This is the same for all three sciences, including chemistry where I work.

    Jburns, there is no lead technician in charge of everyone - the senior technicians here all report to the head of science. I wouldn't, of course, want to speculate what anyone else here is paid.