CLOSED - Part time science technician required Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield - closes 5th Sept 2017

Discussion in 'Science Technician Vacancies' started by Craig Astle, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Craig Astle

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  2. Hi Craig

    I'm very interested in becoming a Science Technician, I am currently a Biomedical Scientist working in microbiology and am looking for a career change for several reasons. I live local to Arthur Terry in Sutton Coldfield but unfortunately I won't be able to apply for this position as the part time hours are not suitable financially.

    However, I am wondering if you would still be willing to show me around your department whilst you are in the frame of mind of having potential new recruits visiting?

    I appreciate this would mean taking time out of your busy day to essentially do a complete stranger a favour with no benefit to yourself but I thought it was worth asking as I would really value the experience. Having never worked in education I feel a little insight here would help with my future job applications for technician jobs.

  3. Craig Astle

    Craig Astle Superhero in training

    Hi Ruth,

    I have cleared this with my head of department and you are more than welcome to come in and visit our science department. what day would be best for you?

  4. That's great, thank you so much. Any chance we could arrange for next Thursday 14th? As I have a day off work due to having worked the weekend. Or I could do the Wednesday morning (13th).

    Look forward to meeting you soon

  5. Craig Astle

    Craig Astle Superhero in training

    Hi Ruth,

    Yes Thursday 14th would be ok. What time is best for you?

  6. Brilliant, thanks Craig, I really do appreciate this. Anytime between 10 and 3.30 is fine, what ever you think works best for you

  7. Craig Astle

    Craig Astle Superhero in training

    Ok, if we say 10:30am on Thursday next week.
  8. That's perfect, thank you.

    I'm looking forward to it

    See you next week.

  9. Hello again Craig, I hope this finds you and your team well. I've been researching, revising and searching since my visit to you last year.

    And I have just been offered the senior science technician role at Cardinal Wiseman school. I'll be starting just before Easter hopefully.

    I'm thrilled to bits but also pretty terrified! Lol, I know I'm going to be good at this job eventually but the first 6 months are going to be a steep learning curve for me so I'm just warning you that I may be in touch asking for help/advice

    how do I get added to your BLASTS network? Is that still running? Do you get much input from others in our region?

    sure our paths will cross again soon

    Thanks again for your help
  10. Craig Astle

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    Hi ruth,

    If you supply us with your work email we can add you to the cluster. But i wont be running it much longer as i am moving to torquay soon. But one ofmy team will take over running it. Congratulations on the job.
    Craig ;)
  11. Morning Craig,

    Good luck with your big move, I wish you all the best.

    I won't be in post until 19th March as I have to work my notice period at the hospital lab. But I will get in touch for sure.

    Thanks again
  12. I used to work there over 12 months ago as the senior technician. I hope it's still as tidy and organised as when I left it as there have been a few techs pass through between then and now.
  13. It is as far as I could see from my 3 visits! I start in 2 weeks time. They talk very highly of you as you say, they've been stumbling about a bit since you left and were even without tech support at all for quite some time. I'm more than a little anxious as it will be a steep learning curve for me, it's my first school tech role (and straight in as senior!) But I have over 12 years as a Biomedical scientist so hopefully all the transferable skills to learn pretty quickly! I have to say seeing your beautifully labelled and organised storage was what sealed the deal in terms of this being the right career move for me! I promise I'll keep it nice, it's the stuff of dreams for me! Lol x
  14. The other guy they have has only been there a few months and is mainly physics and IT. I hope we get on well, it will be a shock for me going from a huge team in a hospital lab to just the two of us in a little school.
  15. I'm glad to hear it is still nice and tidy, I put an awful lot of effort into getting it ship shape and enjoyed my time there, I was very sad to have to leave, I would have stayed had things played out differently :(

    The children are lovely there, as are most of the staff ;) so I'm sure you'll do fine but it will most definitely be a huge learning curve.