CLOSED - Cheadle Hulme School Chemistry Technician Closing 21st January

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  1. And like normal, no mention of pay!
  2. There is......:

  3. How did I miss that? Not bad pay for a non senior role
  4. There's nothing in the PDF but the information is on the website. And the bit about animals just means you might be asked to feed the guinea pigs (incredibly unlikely to occur!)
  5. And you'll have some amazing colleagues ;)
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  6. Ah I did skim passed the website bit so that's probably how I missed it.
  7. Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy COMMITTEE

    I had an interview here some time ago and was very impressed with the school.
    I parked my car in the car park and walked to the reception. As I was approaching the building I thought something was missing, then it dawned on me THERE WAS NO LITTER.
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