Cleaning spotting tiles

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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone had any luck cleaning spotting tiles, ours are filthy, mainly with iron filings which have rusted on. Some have other chemical stains on which are not coming off.

    Any advice would be great.
  2. Hi Maddie. I'm here to your rescue. I agree that the plastic Spotting tiles look terrible. try removing the Iron stains by using Oxalic acid solution. the Permaganate stains should remove with Hydrogen Peroxide. Potassium Chromate is probably the hardest stain to remove - the longer it is in contact with the tile the harder it is to remove. Good luck with the new academic year.:);)
  3. Thank you George, I will be trying the Oxalic acid solution first and see what happens first and how much I can get off before moving on to the other solutions.
  4. An alternative is to buy some of those 'magic' white sponges and scour out with water. It's very simple and the spotting tiles clean up beautifully. No need for any chemicals - result:)
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  5. Yes. Maddy, next time you shop, look in the cleaning aisle for "Barkeepers friend". Ruddy brilliant stuff... :) Oxalic is an ingredient as I recall. Failing that, phosphoric works well.
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  6. Yes Igor Oxalic Acid sequesters Iron and Phosphoric acid being an organic acid will remove organic stains. But I am puzzled why the concoction you mentioned is called Barkeeper's Friend. can you enlighten us? Is it a local thing?:);)
  7. Carol Taylor

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    Many years ago my daughter dyed her hair purple in the bath which also became purple. Unfortunately it was a rented house. NOTHING would shift it except the magic eraser sponge! What on earth are they made of?
  8. karen b

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    Apparently it is melamine foam
  9. Yes, it's great for cleaning off graffiti, wiping table and bench tops down, marks off glassware, bunsen burner bases, and goodness knows what else. I got my last lot from Aldi about 1.60 for pack 6
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  10. From my memory, Barkeeper's Friend was an American cleaning product a bit like Brasso - haven't seen it up here for years though
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    I think it doesn't sell in huge quantities any more so not all supermarkets will stock it. I did spot some in The Range the other day when I was looking for Magic Erasers (as mentioned elsewhere on this thread)
  12. Right, must pop in this weekend - and get some foam pads too!!! What exciting lives we lead :D
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    Yep, I'm heading there to buy some more silicon pot holders - I cleared the local branch out of its stock - twice!
  14. I have found that my calcium tablets come in a handy dispenser that when empty looks like a perfect disposable spotting tile. Strepsils and other throat sweets too. If you want to be pedantic, you could stick them onto some white card,
  15. Yes, sorry. Think like Cif/Jif, but with Oxalic Acid - best stuff ever. Beakers, sides, dimple times, sinks, you name it. The range will have it I suspect, Tescos certainly do
  16. I find that anything done with a spotting tile can usually be replaced with a printout of circles inside a plastic pocket (or laminate). Just wipe clean! (Or turn over, or bin).

    A tip if you use these, make sure there's a missing row at one of the short ends and place this side so it aligns with the plastic pocket opening. Sometimes a bit of moisture can be sucked into pocket and ruins the sheet (again you can easily print out another sheet!)
    You can also make cleaning them even easier by laying them atop a flat-ish hard surface (chopping board, back of a gratnell tray) so you have some scrubbing power.