Cleaning Goggles

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  1. How hot? Most googleys are polycarbonate which will start distorting at 147C (according to wikipedia), I'm guessing your dishwasher is pressured too?
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    Don't use propanone :D
    I've been doing the technician job 5 years now, I have not yet had the pleasure of cleaning a single pair of goggles
    It is impossible to get rid of all risk in life, should any pair of goggles appear a bit manky before a practical (since I still teach) the student can wash them before wearing, saves me. If I washed the goggles in our department I would do little else. We have 10 rooms with at least 30 goggles in each.:eek:
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  3. Dishwasher too. :)
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  4. I did wash a set using the dishwasher at 45 degrees and the plastic went a bit whiter, but saved me time. The goggles do get that slight manky human body odour over time so I do wash when they appear to need it as I think that's just being hygienic....
  5. We did a trial a few years ago, growing cultures from swabs taken from two lots of glasses. One set run through the dishwasher, one set cleaning by hand in bowls of hot water with a bactericide.
    We found that both were much better than the control, but the dishwasher came a marked second. As a result we changed from cleaning twice a year by hand to alternating dishwasher and hand washing. We also wipe the insides of the pockets we use to store them with alcohol wipes.
  6. I hand wash them twice a year in the holidays. Warm water and disinfectant (about 260 pairs), then air dry on a clean towel on the lab tables for a couple of days whilst doing other maintenance. Broken or manky ones go in the bin and replace with new ones. We don't have room for a dishwasher.
  7. So pleased to see others discussing this - the teaching staff have no idea what is required sometimes.
    I like the idea of dishwashing goggles and will certainly try one pair today.
  8. We don't put goggles through the dishwasher though, because we would have to take the elastic off.
  9. We put the goggles complete with elastic through the dishwasher, doesn't seem to do them any harm
  10. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    How do you cope???

    I couldn't live without mine :/
  11. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    What's the best wash to put goggles on for?? I need to do like 4 sets in the summer hols
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    Put one in with other stuff at your normal cycle and see before committing all of them.

    If it comes out ruined go to lower temperature wash cycle and try again with another potential sacrificial pair.
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