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  1. Hello
    I have discovered at the back of a cupboard 2 big boxes of 250ml glass bottles .All are stained and I assume hidden by my work shy predecessor. As I am short of these does anyone have any generic cleaning tips .
    much appreciated
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  2. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon COMMITTEE

    2M HCL I find is the greatest trick around!
  3. dishwasher, with dishwasher powder, then citric acid.
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  4. An excellent starting point is the Decon range.. Be prepared to wear sun glasses to avoid the glare.:D:D
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  5. Thank you ...will let you know how shiny they get
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  6. I'd try the dishwasher- I use liquid detergent in mine and then any stubborn stains I'd try 2M HCl as Shannon said :)
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  7. We've had great results using non-bio washing powder directly into the beakers to soak for a day or so
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  8. I do apologise for the dodgy spelling Beth - it's my keyboard (he says lying)!:D:D:D
  9. But which one do you start with?

    Tempted to get a bottle of the decon 90 for physics for when they play with their radioactives :D
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  10. Decon 90 or Pyroneg, both good soak cleaners.
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  11. Thanks Paul, I will look into getting either of them.
  12. decon 90 does it for me....
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  13. Hadn't even spotted it !
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  14. Beth, I think that you too may be joking around - my posts invariably have a dodgy spelling mistake. I have to say that it's all down to my keyboard.:D:D:D
  15. A good workman never blames his tools!
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  16. No joke ...took me a while to spot it this morning too!
  17. Thats rather poetic Jburns, but I beg to differ.:D:D:D