Cleaning Algae from Distilled water bottles.

Discussion in 'Supporting Chemistry' started by Sumaya K, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, we've got some algae building up in some of our distilled bottles. Can anyone suggest an efficient way to clean them out please?
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide is effective.;)
  3. thank you :)
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  4. You're welcome Sumaya.:D:D
  5. We also swirl glass beads around them to get in the corners
  6. bleach and washing up liquid with hot water.
  7. I also use hydrogen peroxide.
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  8. milton tabs!
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  9. All are effective. Great minds think alike. However, I still believe the hydrogen peroxide to be the most effective.:rolleyes::);)
  10. I have successfully used anti-bumping granules. Pour them in through a funnel, add water and shake them about. Then pour out through a sieve. Works a treat.
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