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    I can't resist but post about seeing another technician doing the chromatography trolls practical on the techognition gallery again this year.
    I invented this practical several years ago to try and make chromatography a bit more fun for the science club kids and decided to post it to my TES account releasing the idea to the world.
    Since then it's been slowly finding its way into classrooms all over the place.
    Obviously as a technician it makes me so happy to feel I've contributed to the fun and learning of students in other schools.
    Sorry if this is a bit self indulgent but I'm just so chuffed that people enjoy it! :D
  2. There is nothing wrong at all in blowing your own Trumpet Techitude - we all should celebrate something that is well done.:D:D
  3. Where is the gallery - we haven't put anything in this year - no time... :(
  4. Now these look epic.

    The trolls are fantastic @Techitude I haven't seen them before, but I'll definitely recommend them to our KS3 chemistry teachers.
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  6. please kindly share the practical.
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  8. That's a great idea. Thanks for putting it up
  9. That's awesome. I couldn't resist giving it a go myself. I'm definitely stealing it for open evening.

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  10. My HoD wants this as part of our year 7 curriculum :D
  11. That's such a lovely idea!
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    Thats made me smile today, lovely to know you're ideas are being valued :)
  13. She is a good HoD, I can send her all the silly and fun ideas the hive mind comes up with and she considers them all :D
  14. Fantastic, thanks for sharing!
  15. Hi, this is my first posting on here. Thank you for sharing the resource and it looks fab. I am trying to use it for an outreach project, but just don't seem to get the results you show. Can you make some suggestions as to which pens to use, the grade of filter paper, salt solution? Any particular concentration? Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. Hi Boris. See my post and use a 0.1% w/v salt solution as mobile phase.:)
  17. Brilliant thank you. I think I will end up trying the chromatography paper. With the filter paper (two different grades) I am just not getting enough separation for the crazy troll hair!

    Those are very nice 'Chinese lantern' chromatographs by the way!
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    Hi Boris, the pens I use are thick berol markers, the black (the best!), brown and purple work best as some of the other colours only contain one ink colour so don't separate well. Filter paper is qualitative school grade. Salt solution strength is not important (I just throw a few spatulas in a beaker of water) as it should also work okay with just water but the addition of some salt will make it spread better.
    I often go over the felt pen line a few times to make sure there is a good amount of ink on the paper, also don't rush and allow each drop to mostly soak in before you do the next one.
    Any more issue just drop me a private message and I'll help you troubleshoot.
  19. Fantastic! Thank you for the reply. I will try the Berol markers again. These trolls look so cool. I'm sure they'll be a big hit!
  20. When we did this for open evening we used coffee filter paper cones cut in half. They worked well.