Christmas elements display

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    For those without TES access I've converted it to a pdf and it's small enough to attach here now - enjoy!

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  3. Wow, thanks, it's brilliant!! Can I vote for you in your school competition? :):)
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    Thank you. Just printing it out. I am not quite sure where it will end up on display yet
  5. That's beautiful! I will see if I can print some for our Christmas party
  6. Thanks for these.

    I passed the doc around to my teachers.

    I fully intend to have a string of them for my prep room.
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  7. Thanks - I've passed them on to the science staff
  8. These are amazing!! Well done I hope you win :D:p
  9. Love it!
    Already printed out ready for December :)
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    When I printed them off it was a lot darker than on the computer. I dont know if anyone else has had that issue (or if it's our photocopier) but I have adjusted the colours to be lighter in the attached version.

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  11. These are cute!
  12. Love these! Thank you
  13. Thank you - going up this week!
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    They are decorating the stair well in the smaller entrance foyer. The other one has the Christmas tree
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  15. Awwww, distinctly un-christmassy here. Oh except for front of the school...have to put on show for public.
    What's the saying? All kippers & curtains.
  16. karen b

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    Fur coat and no knickers?

    We sometimes put garlands in the science staff room and prep room, if we have time. The school has several trees around the place and the prep school has lights on a huge tree in their garden
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  17. Roll it in glitter but it'll still stink
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  18. Thought you might like to see out attempt!

    Thanks for sharing the set.

    Christmas line.jpg
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    That's awesome, thanks for sharing :D:D:D

    *whispers* although you've got the two M in the wrong places - should go red, green, red green *wink wink*
  20. Ah, but that's only for those who are slaves to traditions and the expectations of others, we are free spirits here :)

    Actually didn't even notice it:p

    Corrected after much ridicule from the HOD :( whose in a bad mood as he is still suffering from the retirement party we all went too at the weekend, which was a blast:):)

    Christmas again.jpeg
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