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  1. Hi there

    After 14 years as a school chemistry technician, I have made the difficult decision to return to a research and development environment. As a result, my school is now looking for a full time term time chemistry technician. The department is hard working with a lovely team that are very supportive. I have really enjoyed working here. The school is a private girls school based in Fallowfield, Manchester. If you are interested the link is as follows:

    Please feel free to ask me any questions.


  2. No salary mentioned
  3. Photocopying duties involved.:(
  4. HR have told me that if you want to know about the salary then to contact them directly. The only photocopying that I have done has been for myself, unless there is a real emergancy!. We have a good reprographics department here. Maybe in the job description to cover any emergancies.
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  5. It does look like a very good School Helen. Plus it's in a very nice area of Manchester - Fallowfield. I lived there when I was a Post-grad and loved the area.:);)
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  6. Yes I have really enjoyed working here. It was a tough decision to make and I will be sad to leave.
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  7. I think that the fact that you are sad to leave says it all - wonderful working conditions, excellent Science Team and well behaved students. Magic!:)